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Posted by coriolan | Apr 22, 2011 @ 12:18 PM | 43,747 Views
Did some RTP experiment last year, the weather is turning nicer now so I'll resume. Build a small profile "Ringmaster" for that with r/c assist. Fly nice with the IPS &3X3 DD prop but I have to work on the line length,too short makes it impossible to do stunt since my photo tripod is relatively low over the ground! Its very zippy on 2 cells but the Cox dacron line has too much drag for longer than 20 feets. Will try .008" steel wire next
A good source of inspiration for classic c/l planes,some nifty folded paper display models which could be adapted to RTP:
Posted by coriolan | Apr 21, 2011 @ 01:41 PM | 43,264 Views
I have some goodies on the way from RC-Modules,namely a few of these 1 gram 4 ch. 2.4Ghz rx and decided to revive my old micro "Todd's Tiny" which I had to put away last year because of troubles with the original MicroInvent minor. It is 12" span with 3 toki servos and Microbatic outrunner. It uses V-tail mix off course and A/R mix and uses the HK 3A esc and one 100mA cell.A bit fast for indoor because of the KFM airfoil When my MicroInvent started to act up I didn't really wanted to spend another $80, and wasn't quite trilled with either Plantraco or Spektrum AR-6400 so when FD cames out with that nifty 1 gram Rx for only $20 I jumped into 2.4 Ghz. The transmiter module+Rx for FD cost the same as the Plantraco brick alone,the AR-6400 would have required a Spektrum module and the Rx brick is a bit heavy at more than 3 grams and not flexible in installation because of its configuration. There is a big thread in the radio forum about the FlyDream system:
And even a dealer right in the US, which makes support easier!
This will revive my indoor interest