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Posted by coriolan | Mar 31, 2011 @ 02:34 PM | 42,437 Views
Some more progress on the 2011 build! The outrigger is now complete and did some more work on the semi-scale hydro. The no-trip chin is in place and working on the front end with lot of sanding and carving left! Cox International came out with a nice "Texaco" style head for Cox/Norvel .049 which accept CI,Merlin/Globee plugs so I'll get some to get some extra cooling of the head (don't beleieve in water cooling for small engines). In the mean time I'll experiment with using only one cell Lipo to power the Rx and servo. Many Rx & servos work fine on 3.7V (just a tad slower).
Posted by coriolan | Mar 16, 2011 @ 02:38 PM | 41,630 Views
Started on the 1/2A semi-scale hydro, the main body is done still need to do some foam carving skinning and decking! I recycled the cowl from my old mono(its about the right size!
Posted by coriolan | Mar 06, 2011 @ 09:26 PM | 41,042 Views
And that is what that little hydro looks like close-up! which makes the performance even more impressive

This boat is 42cm long (with Rudder 51cm)
and 6cm/20,5cm wide.
The weight is 450g complete with full Tank and RC Components.
The Engine ist the 0,8ccm Cox and i use a GAUPNER 29 Prop.
For the Hull i use only ply wood, the cavities are filled with
polyurethane foam.
MatejO from Slovenis got the infos from the German builder(there is a long thread in RCU about 1/2A boats)
Posted by coriolan | Mar 06, 2011 @ 09:15 PM | 41,275 Views
My interest in 1/2A boating has been re-awaken after seeing an interesting video on You Tube:
and after some seaching found out why it was performing so well despite the crude build! It all came down to the prop he was using (Graupner 29mm)instead of the punny 1" Dumas prop I tried earlier. My old 1/2A mono was scraped last year but I salvaged the hardware and dug it out. I had an old 18" outrigger hydro which was running on a 20X40mm inrunner and decided to convert it since it was about to be recycled anyway! Because the hull is narrow I wasn't able to use my usual TD "Marine" so instead I'll use an "Hybrid" reedy with TD .051 piston/sleeve and a modified intake. For the hull I'll need to make a compartiment for the radio in the back and re-enforce the motor mount, won't have trottle on this one(not really needed on 1/2A anyway!). Since I have several flywheels and hardware set I plan on building also a semi-scale round nose hydro(like my 18" FE) and a mono along the line of the "Wild thing".
ZEROSKIN76 started a thread in this forum about that size of boats: