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I finally got some time to video my son's canard plane design that he got from Popular Science. This was my first attempt at editing digital video on the computer and it shows. I used movie maker that came with our pc. I love the sound on this model.

Here are my favorite weird effect ap photos.
Posted by DismayingObservation | Mar 03, 2006 @ 03:16 PM | 5,980 Views
Interesting...I've never felt the need to post to a blog before, but this is kind of cool.

As I write, the wind is blowing something fierce, not uncommon here. So much for practicing with the Blade CP. I'm still down one wrecked model airplane (my UltraFly Cessna 182) and I fear all three of my battery packs for my ParkZone J-3 Cub are toast. They served long and well.

Might tinker with the HPI Savage 25, an exercise in futility if ever there was one. I could go on forever about how much of a pain that truck is just to try and keep it running.

I must admit, this is a far more satisfying and friendlier place than Wikipedia. 20,000-plus edits. Six featured articles. Countless other original contributions. Protector of the weak, even. The site has at least two autistic users who contribute regularly and out of the hundreds of editors, I became the unofficial "welcome wagon" and mentor for these individuals. A nice feeling, actually. Spent two years toiling...finally had enough. Trolls and vandals galore. A naaaaasty troll did it for me. If the dweeb can gripe about me on his blog, I can gripe about him here. The meek may very well inherit the earth.

I hope to hear more from Charlie Hua over at UltraFly very soon. That's a class act if ever there was one.
Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Mar 03, 2006 @ 01:37 PM | 19,094 Views
Just in case somebody hits the Blogs button:

Here is the thread:

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Posted by Robert E. Boyd | Mar 03, 2006 @ 10:54 AM | 3,346 Views
I'm New to RC Helicoptors, have flown nitro planes for quite some time, but could use some expert advice on setting up the :Raptor" 30 with a Multiplex RoalEvo 7 channel radio. I need to know if there are any special problems to watch for, the RoyalEvo is a great trans. but I'm having trouble understanding all the complexities of programming for helicoptor. I have run the helo tied to the ground on a board, but doen't have a gyro for the tail yet, what is a decent reasonably priced gyro that will work. I know there are masters out there that can assist a "newbie" to helicoptors. Thanks.
Posted by hotairflyer | Mar 03, 2006 @ 10:47 AM | 6,084 Views
Posted by fly_boy99 | Mar 03, 2006 @ 12:50 AM | 5,869 Views
Latest graphs for the Scorpion ESC test:
Posted by shinobi938 | Mar 03, 2006 @ 12:01 AM | 2,697 Views
Here is a couple of pictures per request of my Nikon 3700 lens protector.
Posted by Velo-Venom | Mar 02, 2006 @ 09:52 PM | 2,777 Views
My name is Jim and I live in Gettysburg Pa.
I used to fly gas planes years ago but finding a good flying site was
always a pain. The closest club to me at that time was about 30 miles away.
About two years ago I got interested in flying again and discovered back
yard and park flyers. The cutting edge technology of brushless motors and
li-po batterys really lets me get in a lot of stick time.
I am curently building the Sikorsky S16 from FlyRC magazines pull out plans.
I will post some pictures of it when it is done. In the mean time here is a few shots of some of my other planes.
Posted by GeorgeJetsun | Mar 02, 2006 @ 09:35 PM | 2,186 Views
Today I purchased an Easy Star. Should have delivery 03-10-06. I have a little concern about building it correctly. Some suggest glue, velcro or metal clamps. Going to do some more reading on the site and figure which one is best for me. Any ideas?
Posted by peterangus | Mar 02, 2006 @ 07:02 PM | 14,109 Views
BLOG 001
There is a large ammount of cell data in these forums.

As a user of cells, I find that most of this data is incomplete and unconvincing. And what good data there is, has to be processed to make it usable.

Some suggestions in the attached file.
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Just maidened my A-10 with 5800kv Feigao Motors

Flew great! I am having so much fun with this plane.

Here's 2 videos. I Compressed them but they are still big ~ 20meg but should start streaming right off the bat.

A-10 Maiden

A-10 Second Flight


Posted by rob mueller | Mar 02, 2006 @ 01:13 PM | 5,817 Views
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lanny heres a pic of the kayak, on salt river , green river check out the discriptions!, im planning to do a 45 miler on green river in april if all goes as planes, yipppi

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The latest issue of Model Aviation contains a note that there will be no "Grand Event" this year as there were no offers to host it. Well, it could be that people just don't think that putting on a extravaganza for non AMA members is such a Grand Idea!

The Grand Event was held in Waco last year and several people I spoke to were considering attending until they learned it was not for them. The flyer basically said not to bother bringing airplanes because the event was not for AMA member participation, it was to attract new AMA members.

Spending big money on an event for non members seems foolish to me. Particularly since some of the money went to things that don't fly like rockets, cars and boats. Maybe the trade associations picked up the tab for this but I'm doubting it.

I believe a proper Grand Event would be aimed at the members who foot the bills. The AMA could use some sort of event that is more akin to the EAA's Oshkosh than to either the Grand Event idea or the Nationals.
Posted by Batavus | Mar 02, 2006 @ 07:45 AM | 2,796 Views
God dag, hello.

Arboga 2 March 2006

Here in Sweden winter is present. Snow is falling almost every day.

I am indoors repairing my Gambler+. The boom was broken but is now in one piece again. At the same time I am designing my own bicycle. Construction will start very soon. This will be my first homebuilt bicycle. I am looking forward flying my Gambler+ AND brazing steeltubes. Doing real things with my hands is very satisfying and relaxing. And the the contrast is huge - small delicate pieces in the G+ compared to filing and sawing steel. Luckily there is good information to get from internet in both cases.

Now I would like to show a picture of me catching the G+

And also picture of the bike.
The red lines is my present bike and the grey bike is the one to be constructed.
Posted by vrac | Mar 02, 2006 @ 04:00 AM | 3,081 Views
Caliber ZG is perfect heli for camera work
Posted by -DoubleV- | Mar 01, 2006 @ 09:52 PM | 6,215 Views
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"If you are not confused by the uncertainty principle, you do not understand it."

"The universe is not expanding. The things inside it are shrinking."
Posted by gandharvas | Mar 01, 2006 @ 06:46 PM | 3,146 Views
Wow. So this is my first blog. With the loss of the gallery for photos, I guess I'll post them here, though chances are low anyone will ever look here.

I've been seriously doing R/C for about a year. I had made an attempt a couple of years previously with disasterous results. Totally crushed my spirits and any attempt to ever try again. Then a friend at church was building a plane and it got me excited again. I was going to start with Pat Trittle's 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane, but was convinced to try a Mountain Models Magpie. I am certainly glad I did!! I ended up building the Eastbourne anyway and it is now hanging in my cubicle at work. I entered it in the Colorado State Fair's model building division and managed to beat out the other entrants for a first place and best of show for the category. I acquired a Peter Rake Eastbourne and am going to build and fly it instead. But first, I need to master what I have.

To be honest, flying is a blast, but I really love building the birds, too.