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Posted by HardWork91 | Jun 21, 2019 @ 01:30 PM | 6,128 Views
Let's get started
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It's been over a year since I've been in this hobby. First with static models due to the lack of components to fly them and then more recently, and thanks to a visit of my wife to switzerland, I've been able to get the electronics I need to start building my own planes. The first model I built was a replica of the Cessna 182, with which I learned the basics for a successful flight. But in this world, it is never enough, there is always a next step.

We've all probably seen a model and said: I want this model in my hangar for sure! That was my reaction when I first saw Durafly's EFX Racer. Maybe you guys are thinking, why do it instead buy it? I live in Cuba, and here we don't have access to any hobby shops, and we can't shop online either. So, we just have to resign ourselves? No, there are thousands of ways to build models with conventional materials. All you have to do is want it and make an effort.

With the objective fixed, it only remains to start building, and all good construction begins with a good plan. As usually happens with most commercial models, there are no plans, so you just have to do it yourself. The level of detail of the plan will depend on the construction technique we use. In my case, I used a basic construction technique, using EPP. So I only needed the plan profiles of the different views of the model and some more details. After several hours of work, I obtained the basic plan following the images provided in the assembly...Continue Reading
Posted by HardWork91 | Jun 21, 2019 @ 01:11 PM | 6,080 Views
I started in this world of radio control less than a year ago, although I had been studying the subject for a long time. In my opinion, I started in an unusual way. Most people choose a commercial kit as their first airplane, but... i live in Cuba. An EasySrart or a Brixler are some of the most common models for beginners because of the flying characteristics they provide. I, on the other hand, decided, out of ignorance, to start with a Cessna. At that time I didn't know that, although it may seem like it, it's not a model trainer. And if you still don't think it's enough, my Cessna was not a commercial model but also my first scratch build.
Perhaps starting with a first self-built plane is not the most advisable way, but it is an interesting process from which you learn a lot of useful things for the future. Not only will we learn how to build but we will also become familiar with techniques that will help us repair our models. Here is the history of their construction.

The adventure
Being the Cessna 182 such a common model, the amount of information, plans, images and videos available on the web, as well as threads of its construction in different materials and techniques is huge. Obtaining the plans was not a big problem, I just modified them a little to adapt them to my building style.
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Description: Modified plans adapted to my construction technique

As it was my first model, I didn't take many photos of the process, but the technique used is the same as the one I used in the construction of my EFX Racer
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Description: The fuselage made of EPP and sanded.

I made the wings in three...Continue Reading