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Posted by FlyDave | Sep 26, 2012 @ 01:28 AM | 9,194 Views
I own a Phoenix 2000 that needed restorations.
One of the first thing i wanted to do, was to make a mold for the canopy, because who know what will happen in future and i want the possibility to make another canopy if this will break. Finding spare parts is very hard for this aircraft.

So, here is my steps to make a mold from original canopy (not perfect, because the original was already damaged), and then building another one in Fiberglass, and also one in CarbonFibre, just to experiment a bit with this material

This is my first time doing mold from existing object, maybe i made some wrong steps, but the result satisfies me so it's ok.

I have removed the pins from the original canopy, i want to use another way to fix the canopy to the fuselage, i don't like those pins.

First thing i've done, is to cover the area around the canopy seat, that should'nt be touched by the resin. For this part i've used food wrapping paper and 3M scotch. When the fuselage has been covered, i've put 2 layers of PVA :

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