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Posted by Fatdogmandoza | Aug 19, 2014 @ 07:36 AM | 3,364 Views
Wilsons Prom Australia FPV Flight (9 min 44 sec)

Flying fpv off the most southern part of Australia mainland. My personal best before this flight was 3km over farmland.
Posted by Fatdogmandoza | May 19, 2014 @ 08:59 PM | 5,262 Views
Equipment Used:
1. Skywalker 2014 (1800 Wings)
2. DragonLink V2 (Taranis Radio)
3. MyFlyDream AP
4. 800mW 1300MHz Transmitter
5. 2 x Zippy Compact 4000 MAH Batteries
6. SunnySky X2820 kv920 with 11" or 12" prop

Build Status: Routing the cables

This is my second attempt at building a Skywalker. The first one had a bad nose dive and damaged the front of the fuse. It was not to bad and will be fixed in the future, but wanted take the opportunity tidy up my wires.

My first build I had my Vtx and GPS on the wings - this meant that I had to bring eight wires + the twelve from the aileron and flap servos. This resulted in a nest of wires converging in the fuse going to the AP (See first pic.). Removing the equipment tray meant unplugging several leads only to have to redo them again.

I am still keeping the Vtx on the wing but locating the GPS on the tail boom. Still have the same number of wires coming into the fuse as before, but used a 2 x 24 pin connector (only using 12 of the 24 pins) one on each side of the fuse.

Once this is complete I will move onto the assembly of fuse.

Build Status: Fuse Assembled

I have now joined the fuse. Even though the ESC is a 60amp and should have enough overhead to keep cool, I have added some air-intakes and heatsink - makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside . On the bottom of the equipment I put some copper tape and attached all my bec's and current sensor. This is a single battery installation, so I tapped...Continue Reading