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Phat Cat

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Some more fullsize Epicness

When passengers boarded this plane bound for San Francisco, they never could've guessed what they would encounter near the tail-end of the flight. During the flight, just off the left wing as visible in the video there emerges a totally futuristic aircraft.

What was it? Virgin Galactic's brand new SpaceShipTwo and its mothership plane, the White Knight II. Even more impressive, the aptly named SpaceShipTwo (it literally goes into space) executed a parallel landing with the commercial airliner

Rendezvous with White Knight and Spaceship 2: Virgin Galactic and Virgin America (4 min 44 sec)

Thanks to mum for sending this link:-)
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Choosing the right motor to fit within the design goals has proven
to be a little less straight forward then I had hoped. I designed the
gamble around the camera having thought that a motor that fits my
needs would be easy to find even if I had to rewind it.
I abandoned rewinding after buying a few different motors,they are
just not made to be pulled apart, it is possible but requires a lot of work.

Motor Evaluation
2403 Brushless Outrunner
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I am really into designing fixed wing uav aircraft and there associated systems. This time round I'm working on a gimbal for fixed wing uav's I have been doing the design work in Solidworks this enables the structure to be 3d printed.

Finding inspiration in strange places.
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1:1 scale of the Boscam HD19 The intended cam I will be using for this gimbal
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Description: Boscam HD19 Photo Render Solidworks. 
3d CAD model

Id like to achieve a gimbal that is light weight, durable, low aerodynamic drag and is functional. This is what I see in my minds eye
this will probably change a bit as I start to select the hardware.
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Its winter here now so Iv been spending more time indoors and less out in the garage. Iv managed to get some of the ideas down for a full decal covering. Iv been working slowly towards for some time know and I'm looking forward for this project to come to fruition.
I used Paint in Microsoft Windows to put together a concept for my brother He will do the finale design. I also used a feature in Solidworks to apply the decal to a model I designed.
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Link to Build Log

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Surface model of my next build. Its still not finished but its far enough along that I can start cutting foam. I was going to go all out on this build incorporating different materials and some cool futures but iv done away with that. This plane is going to be more of a test bed for some new ideas in other words it probably wont last very long:-)
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]If you ever thought about using carbon fiber to build a plane but decided it was just to hard then you might be interested in this mini how to. You wont learn how to build a plane but this is a good place to start.

The things you will need:
3K Woven Carbon Fiber Cloth
Digital Pocket Scale
Epoxy Resin
Hairdryer. Don't borrow you wife's or girl friends it will get covered in resin!
Paint Brushes You only get to use them once so the cheaper the better
Sharp Scissors
2 boards I'm using 19mm MDF
glad warp

First things we are going to lay some glad warp over the MDF. Take your time to get it smooth it should look like this Once you have that looking good you will need to cut the carbon Fiber Cloth. In this case I will be using it to make some wiglets so I cut the cloth 25mm bigger then the finished part.I found that 4 layers of carbon fiber make a good stiff plate for wiglets.

Now we need to mix some Epoxy Resin. This is where the digital pocket scale come in to the picture. for mixing instruction refer to the label also note some of the other things on there like what temperatures your resin will cure at. Note I used 60ml how much you need for you project depends on how much cloth you are using. Its a bit of a guess you get better at this as you learn.

Lay your first piece of carbon cloth on the glad wrap wet it out paying attention to getting a even spreed of resin over the cloth. Use the hairdryer to heat the resin put lots of resin on, when the next piece goes on it will soak into it. Repeat this process as meany times as you need. Place the other board over it and clamp or weight it down. BOOM! Cheap and Easy Carbon Fiber Plate

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Cheap and Easy Carbon Fiber Plate (3 min 21 sec)

Posted by Artful Owl | Feb 25, 2014 @ 04:35 AM | 12,419 Views
Iv noticed over the last 6 months that Im loosing interest in flying RC planes.
At the same time I can get enough of building them. Iv carved out a nice corner in the garage to pacify my addiction. I spend every spear second out there.
But when will I feel this way about flying again? Has this happened to you? Are there some people that just enjoy building and are not so much into flying? Id like know your guys experience.


The addicted builder
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This is a cool video if your into aviation and tech stuff.
Air Superiority: Aviation goes to new heights on molecular level (25 min 37 sec)

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The hours of work are finely starting to pay off but still have quite a few more to go.
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Description: Sky Hunter wings coverd