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Posted by oldsneakers | Jun 14, 2021 @ 12:52 AM | 33,115 Views
The AR630 comes with built in Fly By telemetry for certain items. By itself, it will not do telemetry for the flight pack battery. That will only work if you also have an Spektrum Avian ESC. You can get around that limitation by adding a TM1000 module.

Unfortunately, the TM1000's are discontinued but I do see them for sale on eBay now and then. Similar to the way a AR636 worked with a TM1000, the Forward Programming in the AR630 interferes with the telemetry in TM1000. So I added a Hobby King receiver controlled switch to turn the TM1000 on and off as needed. So you fly with the TM1000 on and shut it off when you need to make programming changes on the ground.

The wiring on this is very simple. A Y servo cable plugs into your available port. You plug the HK switch and a modified servo cable into the Y. You remove the white signal wire from the modified servo cable as shown. Also on that modified servo cable you cut the red wire and solder the two wires of the switch there. When that is done you just plug the other end of the modified servo cable into the TM1000 and it’s all set other than assigning the channel to a switch.

One other thing. You must bind the TM1000 and the AR630 together at the same time. To do that, use a servo 2 way Y cable. Plug the single end of the Y cable into the receiver bind port. On the other two ends, put a bind plug in one and the wire coming from the TM1000 in the other. Hold the bind button down on the AR630 and plug the battery in. Lights on both the AR630 and the TM1000 should be blinking. Go thru the bind process on your transmitter.