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Posted by oldsneakers | Jun 13, 2020 @ 02:45 PM | 14,813 Views
This is a mini How To on using Google Drive with an iX12 to Export models and Import models and model photos.

Google Drive is a virtual hard drive that you access from the internet. As of this writing, they give you 15 Gig of storage for free. There are programs/apps to access Google Drive from almost all devices.

If you're tired of messing with SD Cards in your iX12, you can use Google Drive (and other clouds) to replace your Import and Export needs. Once I got messages on my iX12 that said I shouldn't leave the SD card in it, I knew it was time to bail out with them. It was just a matter of time until I forgot to remove it or lost it.

One caveat on this method. My iX12 slows appreciably when WiFi is turned on. The Import and Export functions can take some time between screen changes. So at times you need to wait until the iX12 catches up to you.

There's a few assumptions in this How To:

Your iX12 is registered
You have WiFi working.
You already have a Google ID and are logged in.
You know the basics of getting around the Android part of the iX12.

There are so many button presses and different screens to this that I did not capture all the minutia of this process. There are times when you will have to do a little poking around and trying things to get thru this. So it's best to try this for the first time with unimportant test files.

First make sure WiFi is on and properly setup with your router.

To turn WiFi on, the easiest way inside...Continue Reading