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Posted by oldsneakers | Feb 12, 2019 @ 06:22 PM | 12,448 Views
Switch setup on a AS3000 w/iX12

I setup my first AS3000 by following Miguel's video and getting some help from him & Andy on the AS3000 thread here:

A few months went by and I had to program another AS3000. My memory is not very good and I had to watch Miguel's video again. So I decided to write up the main points for me from his video so I can more quickly repeat the process. I have another AR12310T/AS3000 waiting for me to finish building the plane.

If you can afford it, I would highly recommend going to receivers with Forward Programming. It's the way Spektrum receivers should have always been.

There is much more in Miguel's video than I cover here. These are simplified instructions and are just what I am using. Some of the other items covered in the video are using multiple gains for high and low speed flight and using 5 Flight Modes for rate gain and heading hold gain.

Miguel's video on switches is here:
Spektrum AS3000 Switch Setup Tutorial (16 min 14 sec)

The Spektrum Power Safe/AS3000 combo uses a different method to control the gyro as compared to the AR636, AR7350 & AR9350 receivers. The Forward Programming lets you do all the programming of the gyro from your DX8, DX9, iX12 and others with no PC, phone or tablet needed. However, you still need a PC & cable to register and update the receiver firmware using the Spektrum Programmer app. And you should always...Continue Reading