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AOKoda AOK-041 1S Lithium Battery Tester Checker For JST MOLEX mCPX MCX Plug Battery

Connector: Micro JST 1.25, JST-PH 2.0 Micro Losi and JST
Voltage: Works with regular and HV battery packs
Detection accuracy of voltage: 3.65V0.01V ,4.20V0.01V, 4.35V0.01V
Battery voltage input range: 2.50~4.35V @1Cell LiFe,LiPo,Li-Hv
Voltage display: 0.36 inches red digital tube display, static display, unit V
Weight: 10g
Dimensions: 43x23x15mm
Working tem: -20~75℃
Storage tem: -25~85℃

Welcome to contact: [email protected]
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A large surveying and mapping drone attracted many people's attention. This is not an ordinary drone. It is equipped with advanced sensors that can transmit data to the command hall in real-time through wireless image transmission and video cloud services. One end collects data and the other end connects experts and decision-makers. They can be judged in an immersive way."

MMC UAV unmanned experts told reporters that their enterprises processed and analyzed the data collected by the drone through the self-developed drone intelligent processing system, and finally realized the application of data results. At present, the technology has been widely used in the fields of natural resource intelligence monitoring and supervision, eco-environmental protection, and emergency management.

Experts told reporters that drones are a powerful tool for data acquisition. They have obvious advantages in data acquisition, and the data detected by drones can be applied and converted into services, and their value will be infinitely magnified. For example, she said that when agricultural insurance was damaged, it was always taken by people to take damage measuring instruments to the disaster-stricken areas. However, in many cases, people could not enter the affected areas, and eventually, the farmers could report the damages themselves. The data is difficult to be objective. Many insurance companies now prefer to use drones to obtain more accurate survey data.

As an effective tool for obtaining big data, drones can also give a very "effective" reference in many macro-controls of government departments. He Ying told reporters that in the future, big data will be completed by the most advanced collection tools and artificial intelligence. As a mature technology and stable performance tool, the UAV is more intelligent and efficient, so the data acquisition capability of the UAV platform. Will continue to highlight. Mapping UAVs attracts a lot of attention.





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Here are the steps I used to convert an HP Power Supply, pretty sure most HP supplies use the same pin out so this should work for other models that may have slightly different output ratings, just make sure the exposed card slot looks similar to what is pictured below. I offer no warranty, only perform this conversion if you know what you are doing!

I bought the following HP Proliant 750W Power Supply HSTNS-PL12 for $15 shipped.

There are 6 short leads on the exposed card slot and 2 large leads for a total of 8 leads. I bridged the left farthest lead to the 4th lead to the right and then soldered up some 4mm and 5mm bullet connectors on the large leads where left side is negative and the right side is positive.

That's all there is to it!

You can put some colored shrink wrap on the bullets if you want, maybe cover the supply with some vinyl wrap if you want to make it fancy.

Check out more stuff on My Bookmarks page!
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Here's the previous Thread on this Project:

RE: Accommodating the 3D Printed 9-Cylinder Project!
Busy CUTTING that dang Tough and Hard Cowling with my ROTARY TOOL Set. Then, I finished it with some stainless steel toe nail precision scissors and once I was able to get to the FRONTAL EDGE Smooth part of the Cowl it was a HOME RUN! Hey, it is NOT PERFECT but, I almost threw away Cowl so, it was a good recovery!


Many times this dang AR636 upon initiation it moves my Servos really hard to their end-points. Yes, I do realize the Software operation behind this but, when I Bound it to my Transmitter, I made sure that I Turned-OFF the AS3X stuff but, you could NEVER TURN-OFF these Features entirely and I should know because I can hear the Ailerons move slightly when I pickup the model after a typical flight and the initial sequence it moves ALL my Flight Control Servos something terrible!

I finally solved this by replacing it with a Spare Spektrum AR8000 + SAT.

It is now working like a Charm!

No more violent movement of my Flight Control servos UPON initial program sequence!

Additionally, I performed a Center-Of-Gravity check (several) by placing the battery at it's recommended location within the model and it balanced perfectly!

Here is the ViDEO showing the Park Zone 480 Operational inside the 3D Printed 9-Cylinder Radial Engine Bust.

...Continue Reading
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Hi there, this is my first blog.
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Tika is another small (16.7m) tug from the WECO yard in Whangarei. They produced some pretty good vessels in the 70s-80s.

Built for Ports of Auckland in 1971 she served in the main Auckland port (Waitemata) until moving across to light duties on the Manakau in 2001. She had a relatively stress free working life other than one really bad afternoon in 1982. She was assisting the 1433 ton freighter Shereen from her berth to the mid-harbour position, and was about to release the line when the Shereen started to pick up speed. The Tikas emergency tow release failed to function and the tug was pulled over and capsized. The deckhand made it but Tikas skipper, since she had been launched in 1971, was trapped in the wheelhouse, and drowned.

A couple of years ago the cement company got a bigger boat that couldnt use the Manakau facilities and Tika was put out to pasture. Last year while it was waiting for sale I was able to get onboard and take lots of photos. POA were very helpful and also gave me hull lines and GAs. Much more friendly and helpful than some of the much smaller provincial port companies.

The model construction was fairly straightforward. For more info on the Tika, and a full build log, visit: Reading
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Wow !
Can you imagine my surprise , when a Flashlight ( Astrolux FT03 ) was delivered this morning .
Order date was May 6 , it's Nov 19 today ..
I guess Banggood put in a order with the manufacturer and it took this long for them to get around to making some . ( I guess )
The light was sent for product review , and ..... It was a little embarrassing that it kind of vanished ...
If anyone from Banggood reads this ? , came this morning .

That glider is here , Biplane glider that flies like a rabid butterfly . ( The CG is way back )
Anyhow .... Why would you wan't one ? The power pack ... You want it for the power pack !
I will do a video ASAP , just so you can see / hear what I am talking about ..

UPDATE Pulled the power pack / pictures added !

FF biplane - Available from Ebay (0 min 35 sec)

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it's the Mobula 7 V2, and well... this drone is old news now. So why are we taking a look at it 1 year later? As we approach micro season here in North America, the price has come down significantly. I bought my Mobula 7 V2 for around $70 shipped a couple of months ago, and it originally sold for $100+ shipped. In this review we'll figure out if it's worth the price drop. I'll be talking flight, specs, a possible quiet upgrade from the factory, batteries, cheap modifications, and more.

Happymodel Mobula7 V2 Review - Worth it in late 2019? (13 min 20 sec)

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I went back to 18500 batteries in my Frsky Taranis X-lite as the transmitter has a smaller form factor.
Taranis X-lite: 18500 or 18650 batteries? (1 min 31 sec)

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So, got Rene's Medallion .049 on the stand this morning, and it's looking good.

Prop: Cox Black 5 x 3
Fuel: Sig 25%

Top end was in the mid-14k's, bottom end at about 6.5k.

Thank you again Rene!
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Ghost Rabbit GR1 diff lock parts (0 min 17 sec)

This is a more detailed view on the Ghost Rabbit GR1 diff lock parts. The larger part is the locking side plate for the diff housing, the smaller one is the disc which locks one output shaft of the diff to the side plate when pushed towards the side plate by a servo. Once both parts are engaged the positive-fit connection will transform the diff into a spool.
Of course, both parts are made of tool steel and will be heat treated.
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Parts of the GR1 remote diff lock mechanism (0 min 16 sec)

Parts of the remote diff lock mechanism for our Ghost Rabbit GR1.
The disk will lock one output shaft of the differential to the differential case when activated by a servo. The ramp style design of the activating disc's clutch side allows for easier engagement, the spring between both components keeps the clutch reliably disengaged during normal operation.
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The earlier Post is at:

1. Took out my Model Motors AXI 2826-10 as it tips the digital scale at over 7+ oz. (10+ oz with Dummy Engine)
2. Left the PZ-15 aside as it tips the digital scale at 5 3/8 oz. ( ~ 9+ oz with Dummy Engine).
3. installed the Park Zone 480 as it tips the Digital Scale at 3 3/4oz. ( 7.5 oz. with Dummy Engine.)

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was on installing the Park Zone 480 motor (same POWER as 44-inch Wing Span T-28 Trojan).

A few trimming tasks on the round Plastic Mount for the PZ-480 was done to allow the Green Frame that holds the Dummy Engine flush against the firewall.

Someone please tell me what sort of tool I can use to cut into the Cowling as it is pretty thick and tough!...Continue Reading
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Drone mapping

With its advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, UAV tilt photography technology is slowly subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode. It has become the new darling of the surveying and mapping industry. Applying tilt photography technology to drones is actually doing A three-dimensional model, and the model built is more realistic, more intuitive, and more realistic.

Stack measurement

At present, the measurement of the pile body mainly relies on the total station instrument, the disk coal meter, the GPS and other measuring instruments to measure the pile body. Compared with the measurement of the tape measure which is completely dependent on the manual use earlier, these measurement methods have made great progress. However, today there are more efficient and accurate measurement methods: using drone mapping and modeling.

The drone can preset the route, collect data in the automatic work area above the work area, and after importing the data, it can be imported into the system, generate the point cloud and 3D model data with one click, and measure the spatial distance and volume according to this, or carry out the slope The analog measurement of irregular stack area provides accurate numerical reference for engineering construction planning and production operations.

Tunnel, pipeline inspection

The traditional subway, railway and automobile tunnel inspection requires the inspectors to go inside the tunnel...Continue Reading
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Best viewed on cell phone @ 1080 12 inches from face depending on eyesight

Fatshark HDO2s BYTE FROST ShreddyBear tests them out. (6 min 34 sec)