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Posted by Larrikin | Feb 25, 2015 @ 06:13 AM | 27,614 Views
It is with great reservation that I post a build log of the Wabbit evolution ... the Rubicon.

The reservation comes from the realisation that not one thing that I've blogged about has ever been completed
Edit:- I finished it ... yay ... go me
Having said that, the desire to have a DS model(s) ready for this year's season is high and the time to begin is now. Well ... at the rate I've been building lately, it maybe for the 2016 season ... but I doubt it.

After negotiations with Andrew (AVB) he's cutting the wing moulds on his CNC. The construction will be the same as his SCratcho curvy wing moulds. Corian bonded to laminations of ply.

The fuse mould will be of conventional, non-CNC methods. The fuse plug that was intended for the Wabbit will be reinvented as the Rubicon fuselage.

More info to follow
Rubicon #1
Rubicon Maiden Flight (2 min 27 sec)

Rubicon #2 Fast Forward to 3:00 where it's finding form.
The Rubicon v.2 (5 min 10 sec)
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