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Posted by kuki83 | Apr 25, 2014 @ 05:23 AM | 20,435 Views
Gimbal is designed for professional filming and photographing .

It has many innovative solutions.
Gimbal, among other, stands out its modularity.
Without problem you can mount a long lens and thanks to using standard frame tubes with a diameter of 15mm (15 mm Rod Support ) and spacing 60mm, you can mount the mechanism of focus and zoom.

In contrast to other gimbals available on the market , Gimbal DSLR / BlackMagic / RED From Above has two synchronized motors on the pitch axis . The advantage of this solution is easier mounting and balancing of the camera, because due to the symmetrical, bilateral placement of motors, gimbal weight is evenly distributed, not leaning on so any direction . When the gimbal has one motor, it overloads on the whole device, causing subsidence of one, heavier, side. The use of two motors on the pitch axis maximize the potential of the device. Two motors have similar power compared to one large, but they are lighter. It causes lower weight of the gimbal, which is important when we use it in a flying platforms . Thanks to precise synchronized motors on the pitch axis we can get maximum torque, which allows you to work even with large lenses.

The specially designed vertical arm has place to mount inside the gimbal controller. The arm construction removes heat away from the electronics to the aluminum arm .

Gimbal is based on the ALEXMOS 32 bit controller .

Weight - 1,6 kg
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Posted by kuki83 | Apr 24, 2014 @ 06:38 AM | 18,955 Views
Frame is designed for professional uses (filming , photography, topographic surveys).

It is constructed of aluminum anodized to black and carbon fiber.

Recommended takeoff weight is 6 - 13kg.

Octo X8 + 3-axis gimbal (3 min 33 sec)

X8 frame has many advantages :

1. The undeniable advantage is the possibility of minimize its size by folding the arms and chassis . This is particularly useful for transport or storage .
2. High resistance to wind .
3. Dual motors on the shoulder ensure a safe landing in case of failure of one motor or propeller .
4. Specially designed heat sinks lead off heat from regulators on the bottom, aluminum centerplate .

Folding chassis allows to fully exploit the possibilities of 3 axis gimbals. Chassis can be folded by the pilot via a switch or is folded automatically after reaching a ceiling of 5 m (using A2 controller). Folding chassis is servo retractable. It has driver of our production, which controls the servo. If legs are folded or unfolded, the power is off and the servo doesn't charge the power

The frame is designed to work with flight controllers NAZA , WOOKONG , A2 , the chassis is compatible with the controller DJI A2.

Octo X8 + 3-axis gimbal 2 (2 min 17 sec)
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