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Herelink 600mw Mod

In this video I show how to modify Herelink from Cubepilot to get 600mw 28db output in all modes.

Herelink 28db 600mw Mode - How To (8 min 6 sec)

How to Force Herelink Max Output

You Need to ADB into the device first

Adb in the air unit and the gcs unit

The config file is = persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg

To Check = adb shell getprop persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg

By default it contains

These are for the region config, the max supported by herelink is 28db ~ 600mw,
to set it you would go

adb shell setprop persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg 28,28,28,28

This would need to be done on both gcs and air unit for both sides

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Butler Blackhawk: Butler Manufacturing was a manufacturer of prefab steel buildings, including hangars, that was founded in 1901. In 1928, Butler decided to venture into aircraft manufacturing. They founded Butler Aircraft Corp to do just that and the first (and only) product was the Blackhawk biplane.

Heading up the design team for the airplane was Waverly Stearman, brother of Lloyd Stearman who founded Stearman Aircraft. Prior to the foundation of either Stearman or Butler Aircraft, both brothers had worked at Swallow Aircraft. This probably explains the incredible similarity between the Blackhawk and Stearman C3 which were designed at almost the same time. While there’s no actual interchangeable parts between the two airplanes, they are very visually similar.

The Blackhawk was a three seat open biplane like so many of its competitors. Up front was a 220hp Wright J-5 radial. It was constructed using the standard steel tube fuselage and wood wings and had a conventional landing gear. The only really odd feature of the Blackhaw is it’s ailerons. Conventional biplanes with a longer top wing almost always have their ailerons on the top wing. The Blackhawk however, ditched the complex control system necessary to do that and simply put the ailerons on the lower wing.

The Blackhawk never really achieved particular fame as the beginning of the depression wasn’t the best time for an airplane like that, but it did manage a little mild fame. Famous race and aerobatic pilot...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Prenons soin de nos batteries ! J'ai en test depuis quelques jours le chargeur duo HTRC T400 PRO, donc j'en profite pour vous parler de quelques sujets importants en rapports avec nos lipos. Ce chargeur est très ergonomique et simple à utiliser mais c'est aussi un des plus complets niveau accessoires fournis. Rapide à utiliser grâce à sa fonction mémoire (6 au total) et facile à calibrer pour une charge précise. Puissant et pratique pour un prix très raisonnable, je ne peux que valider cet appareil, presque indispensable dans l'atelier d'un fan de RC... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

HTRC T400 Pro Duo - Review Test Démo - Conseils et Utilisations ! Résultat Concours Permanent. (24 min 9 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Puissant et Complet !!!

- HTRC T400 Pro ( coupon BGHONEY2110 ) :
- Capteur de température :
- MUSTOOL multimètre stylo numérique ( coupon BGcf2ab5 ) :
- ToolkitRC M4Q XT30/XT60 :
- Chargeur polyvalent HTRC T240 Duo (meilleur rapport qualité prix):
- Mon transfo 4-24V :
- Mon testeur ISDT (calibrable) :
- Testeur balance complet :
- Testeur Buzzer...Continue Reading
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Here's an index to my blog posts. Click the link to directly open a blog post. The entries are numbered, latest entries have a higher number.

Building & debugging OpenTX
#1: Step-by-step guide to building (custom) OpenTX firmware under Ubuntu Linux
#2: Exploring and debugging OpenTX/EdgeTX with Qt Creator IDE under Ubuntu Linux
#3: Step-by-step guide to building (custom) OpenTX firmware under 64-bit Windows 10
#4: Exploring and debugging OpenTX with Qt Creator IDE under 64-bit Windows 10

Building & debugging EdgeTX
#19: Step-by-step guide to building EdgeTX firmware under Ubuntu Linux
#20: Step-by-step guide to building EdgeTX firmware under 64-bit Windows 10

Native MAVLink & MAVLink telemetry with OpenTX
#5: Native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S (w/o having to use Mav2PT converter)
#6: Modified Yaapu telemetry widget to support OlliW MavSDK/native MAVLink on OpenTX

RadioMaster TX16S modifications
#7: RadioMaster TX16S tray modification
#8: RadioMaster TX16S stick pot dial modification
#9: RadioMaster TX16S DFU button modification
#13 RadioMaster TX16S 6-position switch firmware (written from scratch)
#14: RadioMaster TX16S SPI Flash readout
#15: RadioMaster TX16S breakout board
#16: RadioMaster TX16S mainboard
#17: RadioMaster TX16S schematic diagram
#18: RadioMaster TX16S electronic circuit improvement ideas
#21: RadioMaster TX16S enhanced roller board

DIY electronics
#10: USB2PPM Interface for controlling a remote device from PC

DragonLink related
#5: Native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S (w/o having to use Mav2PT converter)
#11: Disabling all RF emissions of DragonLink V3 WiFi+BT ESP32 module

Futaba related
#12: Futaba TM-10 FASST module / T10CG internal module serial communication
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My very minimal lineup of surface vehicles is certainly nothing impressive, by any stretch of the imagination. Just inexpensive vehicles in rather oddball scales. Still, I enjoy taking them out for a run every now and then....Continue Reading
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The Sangamon Valley RC flyers will be having out first swap meet with the West Central Illinois Hamfest . 8/7/2021 at Carlinville IL
$5.00 fee to get into both events, please review the flyer and any questions let me know.
Thanks for looking. Mr Tim

WillyNilleis will be there.
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So lets do this :
Bind is DSMx 11ms - The first attempt failed , so I powered the S2 down and then powered it up and tried to bind a 2nd time - Instant bind the 2nd time .
Rudder / Aileron / and Ch5 all needed to be reversed .
Ch6 was routed to my Trainer Switch - This is the panic recovery function . No need to reverse .
My timer and timer re - set are VIA the two position switch I use for throttle cut . So when I activate throttle cut I also re set the timer . And when I de activate throttle cut I start the timer .

I soldered in a new battery plug / and will be using the Nanotech 1s batteries , the one I reached for is apparently 260mAh .
Flying weight is going to be around 66 grams .
CG with the Nanotech ? Looks like it might be close to the money , wont know till I fly it .
Still need to neutralize all the flight surfaces , which I will do after lunch .

Installed a custom JPG for the model image , and also set up the screen to show the battery voltage of the flight battery .
A nice feature , especially when you dont know how long that battery will last .
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Received my V1200 a few weeks ago. Really enjoying how accurate and solid she feels. Going to try an Apc 10x10e prop now that I'm comfortable with flying her.
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EdgeTX has a standalone tool for flashing firmware (and it looks like other functions tbd) via DFU mode. This video shows how to use the flasher to update a TX16s although the process should be about the same for all supported radios:
EdgeTx Snippet • Flash EdgeTx via DFU Mode with EdgeTx Flasher (3 min 37 sec)

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A new flying site for Phoenix Flight Sim.

A grassy field with WW-1 vintage aircraft and observation balloons suitable for aircraft of the period.

In the skys, a Sopwith attacks the Bloody Red baron in his Fokker DR1 who gets it!

A Fokker DVII and Eindecker III are among my favourite aircraft....Continue Reading
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Pic FX65TAM78 Wild

After having clocked 1200 flying hours on the mythical F104 Starfighter during the seventies, I was eager to also have one in my model collection. Knowing how tricky the real one was to land, I kept a 2018 model of the Freewing 1:12 scale 70mm EDF PNP Deluxe kit in the attic during years. After having flown my Freewing T33 in Belgian Viet-Nam colors I wasn’t afraid anymore of applying such a color scheme to the diminutive F104 (only 66cm wingspan). The choice of a particular scheme then was a no-brainer, I opted for the FX65 that I had the privilege of flying exclusively during the 3 month training and actual NATO Tactical Air Meet 1978 at Wildenrath (RAFG). It was a rare opportunity during which BAF F104’s wore the name of the pilot and crew chiefs below the cockpit during the competition week (not during the tactical week).

Pic pa at starfighter


The early EPS kit was light and its parts needed minimal time to assemble to obtain a USAF model of dubious flat colors (the tan looked much too brown) with glossy decals all over it. It was still preferable to the silver kit version because rubbing that off created even more of a mess in house. Although the fuselage measures 140cm long, the wingspan is a diminutive 66cm and calculates to only 7,03dm² wing area (compared to 25cm² for the T33), keeping the model light seemed paramount. As with the rest of their models, Freewing (labeled FNRC on the box) delivers good...Continue Reading
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Waco E Series Cabin: While we’re on the subject of Wacos, here’s one of the highest performance ships they built.

The HRE, ARE and SRE cabin biplanes from Waco came onto the market in 1939 as competition to the Howard DGAs, Stinson Reliants, Spartan Executives and Beechcraft Staggerwings. It had a series of big radials up front from 300 to 420hp. The SRE was top of the line with a P&W R-985 up front. It had sleek lines and slim wings giving it a competitive cruise speed of 195mph. It’s wide stance, long fuselage and large flaps also gave it docile ground characteristics that some of its competitors didn’t have.

The E series was unusually configured for a biplane. It’s upper wings were so much larger than the lower wings, it technically qualifies as a sesquiplane. It also had a very rare feature of having both the flaps and ailerons on the upper wings. It had comfortable room for four inside it’s plush interior and it delivered its passengers in speed and style. And at a hefty price.

Being the high performance and complex airplane that it was, the E series came with a large price tag. With such a high price came a limited clientele, as only 30 E series cabins were produced. With big names like Lycoming and Goodyear tires being the purchasers of the airplanes, they were mostly used for high class executive jobs. But when the war rolled around, half of them were impressed into the military as UC-72s.

With a cursory count, there are six of these ships still...Continue Reading
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Since one of the first questions asked when I created a thread about EdgeTX was "who is pfeerick", I thought I'd let you know.

I'm a beginner-intermediate multicopter and beginner plane flier, based in Australia. My main interests are actually in IT and electronics, so I'm often more interested in the electronics of flying, rather than flying of itself. My real interest really got peaked with FPV though, and I've since been flying several packs of a weekend, progressing from angle to full acro flight... from a KK2 board on a Hobbyking 250 quad frame to a F4 Omni running Betaflight on a timber flighttest h-frame ... adding GPS, telemetry, etc. I've also built two folding tricopters, and next up the agenda is a folding hexcopter or octocopter (not sure which yet) with full pan and tilt camera assembly ... maybe folding landing gear... GPS navigation capabilities, naturally...

I started off with OpenTX with a Turnigy 9X, having to hard-wire a socket so I could reprogram the Atmega chip. Then it was the 9XR-PRO (I skipped the 9XR). I was happy with these for a long time. Then I got the Radiomater TX16S, fitted the touchscreen, and waited for OpenTX to catch up. I'm currently still waiting. In the mean time, I was given a FrSky Taranis Plus (X9D+), and also got a Jumper T-Lite. I then heard about EdgeTX, a project being started by a developer frustrated with how long it was taking for touchscreen support to be added to OpenTX (18 months and counting) and jumped on board. Is it going to replace OpenTX? Not yet. Could it? Maybe... time will tell. But my TX16S now has a working touch screen, and there is a small thriving community starting, and everyone is talking about what can be done to make things better... no better place to be!

So there you have it... long-winded cliff notes about what's in a name.
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The big promotion festival is coming, Everyone has to buy, buy, stock up..

We CUAV is going to have an Aliexpress live stream on PST time: 22:30PM 21th 2021 .
Welcome to join and follow us.

As you can see, in fact, there is a shortage of global chips this year, and we found some companies have some drone accessories out of stock.
We also have some products that will be out of stock in the second half of this year because chip shortage, such as our Nano flight controller, optical flow with sonar, NEO V2 pro GPS. If you need these products, we still have a few stocks for you now.
By the way,most of the other products we mainly sell are still in stock temporarily. Customers who need it can prepare them during the event to avoid inconvenience to you later.
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Volantex Sport Cub 500 ( 60 grams flying weight )
Priced from $140 AUS to $180 AUS with or without free shipping . In oz expect about $20 for shipping . ( 180 is the banggood price )
It is a RTF and I dont think a BNF is available .
Protocol is V761 - 4ch

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2 ( Weight around 57 grams less battery )
Got mine for $160 AUS with free shipping ( Ebay discount voucher )
Usual BNF price is $200 AUS

So from a price perspective , they are very close .
The S2 is the larger of the two with larger control surfaces .
I will re-plug the S2 for batteries I have in large number , so flying weight might end up closer to 70 grams for the S2
Yet to do anything to the S2 , so consider this a quick and dirty comparison of two popular Micro sized Sport Cubs .
In the US you can have the S2 RTF for $140 USD , and the Volantex should be considerably cheaper .
Butt ? What about the flight experience ?
Which is better to fly ?
Im thinking it might go to the S2 as just looking at it - it looks a little more serious .

So I have to solder a new battery plug to the S2 , then bind it to the TX16s and set up the functions .
Then go fly .
It's raining again here ( Winter ) , but Sunday might be ok ?
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The journey began as the apartment weather station showed 112F. The more accurate weather stations showed 104-106F. It was the hottest weather a lion ever ran in & the longest distance in such weather. The average speed had to be reduced to 5.4mph for the lion, yet the lion was still wiped out after 8 miles. There were some brief 6.6mph segments. Amazingly, the traction motors didn't die. What did die after 2.7 miles was the trackstar brushless servo. After power cycling it a few times & letting it rest, it managed to complete the run. It might have overheated.

It managed to outdo the mighty lunchbox. The lunchbox tires expanded & slipped off in heat.
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Most of my stuff as of today.
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The AeroScout S 1.1 is a nice trainer for those re entering fixed wing flying from glow power or new flyers with out any experience. The AR631 receiver and DXe transmitter are just about perfectly matched for stabilized flight or for aerobatics. With a talking DX gen 2 transmitter like the DX6,7,8 or the new NX6,8,or 10 the combination can’t get any better. Horizon knows that the cost must be down to attract buyers so they chose to include an electronic speed control (30 Amp ESC) that does not have telemetry. This saves the buyer $20.

I train every Tues, Thurs and Saturdays (for non retired pilots) and have experience in the Apprentice and Mini, Valiant, Commander, Timber, UMX Timber, Conscendo A and E models, Extra 300 and various warbirds with retracts. The design of the AeroScout is the most forgiving and versatile designs so far.

I don’t like pusher designs as they are inefficient, noisy and are not scale looking. The Multiplex Easy Star started the revolution of low cost foam trainers and is still a good design that has been copied and modified over the last 20 years. However the AeroScout seems to have the best features to date.

The RX (AR 637 or newer 631) is programmed by E flite test pilots that is perfect for beginners or experienced pilots.
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Eachine Novice-IV a complete, ready-to-fly set with everything included

Novice-IV is a ready-made flight set with 4 inch GPS Quad, Radiomaster TX12 transmitter, EV800DM FPV goggles and batteries. F4 FC 25a ESC's, 1404 KV2750 motors, Caddx Baby Ratel2, 25-400mW VTX, active buzzer, GPS. Very good range with over 1000 meters.

My video with EN subtitles
Eachine Novice-IV super Long Range RTF Bundle (16 min 39 sec)

With GoPro 8 Lite less 250g

...Continue Reading