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HobbyKing BD-5B

Posted by aviatortom | Jun 12, 2012 @ 03:12 PM | 9,751 Views
12 June 2012

This will be my first attempt at a build blog. I recently purchased the HobbyKing version of the BD-5B. Here's a link to the product page...

From what I am finding out, this kit is a knock off copy of the Aero-Works BD-5, and it is the evolution (I think) of a kit once available from Cermark. There are several reviews and build logs of those kits elsewhere in the forums as follows:

I received my kit last week and it is beautiful right out of the box. So far, I have assembled the wings, and I have installed the wing servo. One thing I discovered assembling the wings was that the dihedral block was a tad too long. I test fit it in both wings; however, I forgot to make sure the wings would butt together with it installed before I mixed the epoxy. Good thing I used 15-minute epoxy as I was able to quickly unmate the wings, trim about a 1/16" off of the dihedral block, and quickly reassemble the wing. The wing servo took a little bit of Dremel...Continue Reading