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Posted by Jack Crossfire | May 01, 2019 @ 12:59 AM | 6,735 Views
Ironically, an average game written for the Commodore 64 today would actually be more popular than a mobile app, just because a lot less games are written for it & because there's a lot of interest in retro computing. Wanted to make a Robotech game for the C64.

While the failure was attributed to lack of focus & development tools, what the lion kingdom wanted was really too ambitious for the hardware. A full recreation of the TV universe, with a fully functional veritech fighter that could fly anywhere in the TV show was not possible. Lions even wanted the player to drop into a different screen in battleloid mode, like the TV show.

What was possible was a recreation of single locations in the TV universe, with the veritech in just 1 of its 3 modes at a time, & a single opponent. A complete level could be the 1st encounter with an alien in battleloid mode. The emphasis could be replicating the visuals & the animation style of the TV show, but not gameplay.

Today, there are much better Robotech games, but none recreate what really made the show work: the love story & the animation style.