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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 01, 2009 @ 12:26 PM | 17,092 Views
Alright kids. Wednesday we're doing a 60m aerial shoot of Mountain View & then we're done flying.

Flying UAV's on the golf course is just killing us. We're not recovering from Air Force Heroine. We're dying just on routine golf course photo shoots that used to be our vacation. We need a new gig. Enjoy the Marcy Foam, 3DOF IMU, VicaCopter, & spin copter. The blog will move to another time slot.

Now the last of the flying blog notes.

Marcy Foam vs. flag in the wind (1 min 56 sec)

Tough video to watch. Tough video to watch.

Exposed a lot of problems with flag payloads in the wind. Did U see how the tail rotor was so far over it shredded the radio cable? Did U see how horizontal velocity was maximized to keep the flag from pulling it away? Very psychotic. At least the Marcy Foam got improved performance.

spin copter closeout

Lots of questions arose on spin copter. Does the fuselage have too much momentum to slow down for half a revolution? Would the possible speed change give much horizontal velocity? What good is it if you're not also going to have a pushbroom camera?

spaceship blog post

Spaceships don't have accelerometers & magnetometers for sensing attitude. They only use gyros & photograph the stars to reset their IMU's. That makes VicaCopter essentially a spaceship.

MAV blog post

There is a plan to develop 2 systems for a future airframe:

Ground based navigation in polar coordinates:
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