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Posted by Eboyles | Jan 03, 2014 @ 10:46 AM | 7,954 Views
Well I haven't entered anything in my blog is a long time now.

Figured I'd share some of my planes and the respective set ups for each.
Start of small.

Trojan t-28 bnf
3dhs 41 edge(buck huck). Rimfire .10. Hs65mg. X4
3dhs 42 slick 540. (x2) Omega 103, airboss 45- hs-65mg. X4
3dhs 59 slick (x2)
3dhs 70" velox. Dle 30 hitec servos. Power safe rx, life batts,
3dhs 71" slick 540. Dle 35ra. 5955tg. X6. Power safe rx life batts
3dhs 84" Bigfoot. Dle 35ra. Haven't set up yet. Savox servos
3dhs 89" slick 540 dle55 hitec 7955tg
3dhs 89" slick 540. Dle 55 8611a. Power safe rx life batts
3dhs 89" slick 540 da60 savox 1270tg Powersafe rx life batts
3dhs 92" edge 540 Da60 savox 1231sg powersafe rx ,
3dhs 103" extra 330sc DLE120 Savox 1270tg. Spektrum Powersafe rx.
3dhs 104" slick 540 DA 100 7955tg. Powerbox comp. life batts. Dle120 coming soon

Radio is spektrum dx18. Fortitude tanks on all. Swb arms on all.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Years.