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Posted by Virginia Jim | Sep 23, 2011 @ 11:00 AM | 3,507 Views
After spending about 1.5 years tinkering with 2,3, and 4 channel helis, I decided I craved the ability to cover more ground at greater speed, so I started flying planes (very poorly).

Hopefully, my skills flying will improve soon, but I enjoy exercising them from all the choices available, setting them up for their intended purpose, adding accessories to them, and repairing the results of my many crashes, as well as using the knowledge of others and sharing what I learned on RC Groups.

My current hanger includes (in chronological order):
1) Apr 2010 Bellanca Decathlon: brushed EPS RTF high winger
2) Apr 2010 Snap & Fly - depron? RTF micro bilplane
3) Jun 2011 Sky Surfer: brushless EPO pusher RTF sailplane
4) ??? 2011 HK Dolphin sailplane bnf EPO pusher
5) Aug 2011 Hobby King Kinetic 800: EPO sailplane kit
6) Sep 2011 Dynam T-28 Trojan: EPO BNF w/ flaps, retracts
7) Sep 2011 Airfiled P51D Mustang: brushless EPO warplane kit
8) Nov 2011 GWS Slow Stick Depron 3ch kit
9) Dec 2011 Hobby King Parkjet kit - EPO pusher prop
10) ??? 2012 Easy Sky Piper J3 bnf - EPO 4ch
11) ??? 2012 Easy Sky Cessna 182 - EPO 4ch
11) ??? 2012 Hobby King ME-109 Messersmidt arf 3ch EPS
12) ??? 2013 Hobby King Mini Skywalker kit 4ch EPO pusher
13) ??? 2013 Easy Sky Wilga bnf EPO 5ch w/flaps
14) ??? 2013 Parkzone T-28 parts 4ch EPO
15) Aug 2013 FlyZone Cessna 350 Corvalis 5ch crashed parts EPO w/flaps
Posted by Virginia Jim | Sep 23, 2011 @ 10:52 AM | 3,330 Views
Numerous 2 and 3 channel toy helis led me to try several coaxial and fixed pitch 4 channel helis:

1) Nov 2010 - Nine Eagles Solo Pro II (4ch fixed pitch)
2) Mar 2011 - Nine Eagles Free Spirit 220A (4ch fixed pitch)
3) Apr 2011 - Art Tech MD500 (4ch coaxial)
4) Nov 2011 - Hobby King HK-190/GW9958 (4ch fixed pitch)
5) Dec 2011 - Hobby Zone Battling Heli Combo Pack (4ch coaxial)
6) Feb 2012 - V911/FP100 Corter (4ch fixed pitch)
Posted by Virginia Jim | Apr 12, 2011 @ 03:38 PM | 4,308 Views
This topic describes a problem I've had with my Nine Eagles Free Spirit 220A, where it began a strong tendancy to fly backward after a crash involving a broken main rotor grip set, which I replaced, and a broken pin on the main shaft, which I did not notice initially.

I have attached thumbnails for the still images below (click on them to expand). RCGroups asks that I load my MP4 video illustrating this problem in the following separate Video area:

Elsewhere on this site, others have suggested that this behavior (backward flight and swash plate bobbing up and down) may be due to the broken pin on the main shaft.

I was able to resolve the bobbing swash plate by replacing the main shaft with a new one that had both pins. It may have been out of balance with one linkage guide pin broken off.

The backward flying problem was resolved when I moved the battery frame to the middle and forward attachments points. I had to cut a bit of the canopy away to make room for the battery frame. I also rotated the battery frame around so that the battery hung as far forward as possible. Now I actually have to trim a bit backward to hover, but have plenty of forward speed when I want it.