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Posted by brianquad | Aug 19, 2018 @ 10:32 AM | 4,666 Views
As an experiment, and in response to a conversation in the Eachine-H8-mini-acro-firmware thread, I've made some modifications to Silverware (NFE's fork), the Multiprotocol Tx code, and Deviation Tx.

I added two analog aux channels to the Bayang Toys protocol, intended to be tied to analog knobs on a transmitter.

I added code to NFE's Silverware fork to tie these analog channels (or any Sbus or DSM analog channels) to a few new features for modifying parameters in flight. I've initially tested with controlling rates and level mode max angle with knobs on my Taranis Q X7, which has worked well.

I also added a PID modification feature, which I've not yet tested in flight (mostly because I personally have never tried tuning my own PIDs, so I'm not sure if I'd be able to tell if it is working!), but appears to do what I intend in the debugger.

With what I have so far, I think its ready to share and see if anyone else is interested in trying out analog aux channels and if they have any ideas for other features to implement.

Here are the notes on the feature I've added to my readme file:

This option (controlled in config.h) adds support for Analog Aux channels to control certain pre-programmed features. These are intended to be used with a transmitter with knobs to easily alter parameters while flying. These are controlled by #define lines in config.h.

Initially, these features include:
  1. Analog Rate Multiplier (ANALOG_RATE_MULT)
    • Use a tranmitter
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