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I have a wild idea.

It's not some cool, unusual, interesting, or obscure model airplane.

It has to do with celebrating forty years of RC.

My first RC plane was flown in 1977. Next year (2017) will be my 40th year of RC planes.

So I was thinking about building 40 planes next year. That would be 3.3 per month. The most I was ever able to do was 23 in one year, back in 2011. I don't know why I built so many that year, but I had not returned to university for my master's degree at that point.

I finish my master's degree this December, just in time to start building 3.3 planes every month starting in January.

I can think of a myriad of things that would "get in the way" of building planes, so I don't know if I want to even try.

What else could I do to personally celebrate 40 years of RC? Go to In-n-Out for a shake? And no, not 40 of them.
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Karma Vs Mavic can be a great technology and pricing break for drone pilots everywhere.

Just days after the release of the GoPro Karma, DJI has planned its own press event to introduce the new DJI Mavic. Karma Vs Mavic it sounds like a classic heavyweight boxing match! As we now know, the Karma has folding arms and will pack down tightly into a backpack. From what we can tell, the Mavic will too! The Karma is designed to be easy to fly and is targeting the crowd that does not want to spend big money on a Phantom or Inspire. Same thing with the Mavic rumors say it will be priced at below one hundred US dollars.

As many have predicted, the consumer drone market is heating up and this competition can only be good for development of the technology and for consumers themselves. Today, drones can still be intimidating to fly. Karma Vs Mavic is looking like a good step to make almost anyone comfortable flying a quadcopter and getting amazing video footage from it. As we see this battle heat up, one thing is for sure, more drones will be flying all around us soon!
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Since my last entry...lots of adventures!
Did not even report what I was up to in my previous entry.
Just 9 days prior to the previous entry, I had my first successful autonomous mission.
6 days prior, I celebrated 1 year in flight.

Since then I have been burning up the air with autonomous missions.
You can view them here:
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Red Dwarf Flying RC StarBug (5 min 46 sec)

Hi to all my Red Dwarf Fans! I scratch-built The "Starbug" from the legendary British Sci-Fi Comedy Red Dwarf.
The Brits Knocked it out of the Cricket Pitch with this show!

I Mated this hand-made Creation to a smaller size quadcopter!
I also am dedicating this Flight Video to my British Friend Shane, Get well Mate!...Continue Reading
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Getting out for a fpv flight trying out the super light all in one Eachine EF-01 5.8ghz camera on a small brushed motor quadcopter,the Gool RC T5G.The T5G has it's own 5.8ghz transmitter,I was looking to see a couple things her,one was to compare the EF-01 to the stock fpv setup on the T5 and also just seeing how well the EF-01 does in general on a somewhat small brushed motor quadcopter.I found both systems performed well,the Eachine EF-01 is better overall as I expected,as it is designed and specs are better than that of the stock setup on the T5.I liked having both cameras on board,the EF-01 was used for my fpv flying while the stock camera of the T5 did a fine job recording video Thumbs up for both

FPV Flight With Eachine EF-01 5.8ghz AIO Camera On Gool RC T5G Drone (9 min 3 sec)

You can purchase the Eachine EF-01 here :

Get the Gool RC T5G here :
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Theres going to be fun and lots of great deals and good times for the kids. 10 am til 4 pm. Got some pictures from last year. There well be games and rc car racing and jumps.
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Finally got my thug squealer up and running with a half decent tune I still Carnt get over how fast it is was nice to get out and chill out for a day, and nice to just blast it around

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So I noticed that my Lipo on my Dom V2's FS lipo was losing endurance. I had heard of people doing a "hack" where they use Panasonic NCR batteries. Ncr18650b.

So I threw this together last night. Time to print case 3 hours. Time to solder up 3 hours. Cost $13.

After I completed the pack, I charged at 1amp and it took 2000mah. Look forward to field tests for duration.
1. Removed lipo from Fatshark case. Pry open one side. It will just pop off. Remove retaining screw and retaining piece. Pop out lipo. Held in with double sided tape

2. Remove yellow film and using small snips remove the three leads. Balance connector, barrel plug and the charge status indicator. Remove the top cover of the status indicator and save. Make this lipo "safe" by using electrical tape to cover terminals

3. Sand and scuff the ends of the new batteries. Pre tin the ends.

4. Extend the leads of all the connectors as needed with appropriate gauge wire.

5. Solder a "jumper" between the POS and NEG ends.

6. solder on balance lead per diagram and then barrel connector. Solder on leads for charge
status indicator last.

7. Snap to halves together. Optional ! The case is optional. You could just use
heat shrink or electrical tape to wrap.

8. Solder charge status indicator on. Affix to top. I used hot glue. Then used a little
hot glue to out cover back on

9. Charge at 1amp at first. Should take about 2000 mah.

10. Enjoy

...Continue Reading
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Pictures of the Espada RL and Organic 2.5.
Posted by Vulcaneer | Sep 21, 2016 @ 01:19 PM | 4,617 Views
We travel in an RV. A 45 foot 5th wheel. On our way from our summer home in New Hampshire to (eventually) our winter home in Florida. This trip takes us about a month...because we make many side trips to visit tourist areas, friends along the way, grand daughters at their colleges, and anywhere else we think we want to go.

Well for the past week we have been staying at the campground at the equestrian complex at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. We have many friends here to visit. And it is just an all around great place for RV'ing.

Last weekend was the NC State University/Old Dominion football game. The stadium is directly across the street from where we are camped. A great game that NCSU won. What does this have to do with sailplaning? Stay tuned.

We didn't attend the game. But did enjoy watching all the tailgating festivities. And there was plenty of that going on. The game finished late Saturday night. And by Sunday morning most all the fans had left the area. The parking lots were all empty. But OOOHHHH...WHAT A MESS THE TAILGATERS LEFT BEHIND. The trash barrels were over flowing. Discarded fast food boxes, garbage bags, trash bags, chicken buckets, all kinds of bread, meat, and condiment garbage. All over all the parking lots. The cleanup crews were hard at work trying to clean up the mess. A BIG job on a very nice warm 85* day, with clear skies and high cumulus clouds.

But mother nature has a way to help with such...Continue Reading
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Building a Bell 206. Unknown maker but it seems to be nicely done outside of the factory built mounting box that leans 4* to port as it sits in the bird. Using a Blade 450X for mechanics. Building as is, no extra details, no navigation lights, no custom paint. The mechanics are first series 450X, so upgrades are in order, parts on hand.
Started to upgrade the old girl, new servos and motor. That's when I discovered I didn't have a straight cut 10t pinion for a 3.17mm shaft. Have an 11 for a slant cut, do I upgrade the main gear? Might as well. Need another HW 50a PP ESC so will order that today. Finished painting the mounting box and insides matte black. I noticed there's no chin or green house windows, may use paint to simulate. The N numbers are where the vents would go, no exhaust stacks. NBD as I think it will fly just fine anyway.
2/11/2018. Pulled the OEM main and swapped it for a late model slant cut w/10t pinion. Gearing remains as stock, but the new motor is 3600kv whereas the OEM was 3800, a small drop in overall head speed which will be fine. The new ESC is on the bench waiting for the connector to be soldered on. I discovered that a rotary file, in a ball shape is the way to go for drilling holes in FG. Nice, clean hole w/o any chipping of the gel coat/paint.
2/18/2018. There's some miscellaneous parts coming so I can test/tune in P&B configuration before final install in the fuselage. This airframe/mechanics were pulled from an MD 500...Continue Reading
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I purchased a Nitro Tec 64mm ducted fan F-16. I opened the box and found that the drop tanks, bombs and pilot were all missing for the kit. I double checked the description and all of the above were listed as included. I then contacted nitro tec to inform them of this and this is what they said.
Hi Norman Anthony,

Thank you for your email.

Please accept our apologies for any confusion. The manufacturer does change the design and remove or add features to the products every now and again without prior warning.

I have notified the relevant department to amend the listing on the website so that it no longer states those accessories are supplied.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Does this help me? No.

Buyer beware with Nitro Tec
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A Flight After The Snow (3 min 59 sec)

Posted by JetMang | Sep 21, 2016 @ 09:10 AM | 5,161 Views
Another vid from Warbirds & Classics 2016. This PC-21 was big and it flew sweet! It was quiet, so the audio of the prop doesn't really pick up a ton.

Pilatus PC-21 XL (Sebart Electric) -- Warbirds and Classics 2016 (3 min 22 sec)

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Hi every body, I am Debbe. this is the first day I join in rc group. very happy. And our company have a new product named Red arrow, and hope someone can test it, hte size of Red Arrow is 250mm, and it is suitable for the beginner. if anyone are interest in it, pls contact with me, [email protected].
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Hey ,guys ! eyes on here ! I want share some models that amazing ! see below . pretty good for cars 1/8 ,1/5 etc.

TORQUE(83 oz-in)6kg/4.8V
(90 oz-in)6.5kg/6.0V

SPEED:0.14sec/60 @6.0V
0.12sec/60 @7.2V
TORQUE(83 oz-in)6kg @6.0V
(90 oz-in)6.5kg @7.2V

SPEED:0.18sec/60@ 6.0V
0.16sec/60 @7.2V
TORQUE(132 oz-in)9.5kg @ 6.0V
(152.7 oz-in)11.0kg @ 7.2V
Waterproof,strong metal gear
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Banggood released the cheapest 2204 motor ever - Racerstar Racing Edition 2204 V2 BR2204 2300KV 2-3S Brushless Motor

...Continue Reading
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Just released on
New Graphene LiPo battery packs in 4s and 5s configurations. Currently, they only come in 1300mAh 75C versions. Perfect for mini multirotors. They pack a serious punch and should have a much longer life than oridinary LiPos. These can be charged at 8c. Give them a try!



These 5s packs are amazingly powerful. Just make sure your motors/esc can handle it