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Posted by blade strike | Aug 02, 2015 @ 02:44 PM | 40,136 Views

Just received a new charger for the Phantom 3 series. This charger provides 17.5v @ 4a per lead. It also allows you to charge the Transmitter at the same time. I was surprised by the units size. It's about 2 1/2 of the Pro Chargers. So it's not going to be this big brick to pack along on your trips.

When you first plug it in you will notice that it does not have a power LED. At first I thought I might have received a bad unit since it makes absolutely no noise until you start putting a load on the device.

It has a variable speed fan that keeps the charger cool. This fan isn't the quietest fan when at full speed but does an excellent job at keeping the device cool under full load. This is the important part, heat kills electronics.

It's a little slower than the pro's charger. It charges at about the same rate as the advanced. But remember you are charging 3 batteries at a time. I would like to see them maybe do a 6amp output per lead. This would bring charge times down to about an hour for all 3 packs versus the current 80mins.

Overall for $75 it's a solid buy and would recommend it to ANYONE that wants to charge more than one pack at a time.

Input: 110-240V
Output: 17.5V 12A; 17.5V 4A Per Lead.
Charging time: around 80 minutes for charging 3 batteries at the same time.
Charging 1 battery takes 80 minutes as well.
Plug type: USA plug, other countries will be USA plug+travel adapter.
Note: Please keep dry when charging.

Size: 17.5*12*4.7cm(L*W*H)
Package weight: 920g

Available @