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Posted by mintie | Aug 28, 2012 @ 06:56 PM | 6,763 Views
We had a very enjoyable stay in Halifax..Two days of beautifull weather and some very nice sceniery.
Did a day trip out to Peggys Cove and onto the light house.Stopped at some very nice little sea side villages on the way there,then out further to Chester which was a nice sea side village as well.
All this sea coast is just so amazing and the sea was calm and a very dark shade of blue.
No doubt it can become a ragging sea when the weather turns nasty
On our way out of Halifax we stopped at the airport Aviatiion museum for a look around.A lot of displays in a small space,but well set out.. there are pics included but you must click onto continue reading [dont ask me why?]
Next destination is fredericton,and that is a nice spot to visit. There for two days then on again.
So far we have done 4000kms on the trip. Still quite a few to go....Continue Reading


Posted by mintie | Aug 25, 2012 @ 05:46 PM | 6,284 Views
We have had such a good time on PEI,and am real sad to have to leave.spent 5days on the Island and travelled 700kms.Even at that there is still more to see.
.Meet some very nice people,and had the surprise of a drop in visit one night of a Lockheed,which was on its way further on to an air show..The B&B we stayed at had a 4000 ft grass run way beside the house., and aircraft still frequently visit this spot.
Took the opportunity one day to have a swim in the atlantic..rather cool first off but did fell warmer as you stayed in longer.We ended up being in the water round half hr.
Nice and refreshing.
On to Nova Scotia now ,and as writing this we are in Halifax.
Posted by mintie | Aug 22, 2012 @ 05:41 PM | 6,077 Views
At the moment we are in spent the day in charlottetown and went for a look at the Airport.Guess what was there of these all lined up by the fence. just had to post here
Posted by mintie | Aug 17, 2012 @ 04:06 PM | 5,804 Views
Here we are in canada and have been to Toronto ,a beautiful city,and spent quite sometime walking around down town area. Stayed at the Hilton Hotel.We did 3 days here before driving up to Montreal and stayed in the st denis.Now we start to meet the French and was interesting with the languge but got by.Two days here then Quebec.Now this is a really beautiful city,both the old and the new..All of these citys did bus tours and in montreal and Quebec, used our car and did our own adventure as well.
These are fun as you get lost heaps but also see so much more.
Drove up to Edmunston on friday and staying at a nice B&B. So far we have done 1300kms.and shot off around 400 pics and movies. Always need good pics to look back on.
Will sort out more of the pics when we have time and load on here,
Posted by mintie | Aug 09, 2012 @ 02:24 PM | 5,526 Views
Well the day has finally arrived. After 12 months of planning we are on our way today back to Canada.
We Fly from Christchurch[NZ] Auckland [NZ] to Vancouver to Toronto.all in one go.
Our trip starts from Toronto,where we pick up a car and start the trip.
Toronto ,Montreal,Quebec,Edmunston,up to the St lawence Gulf to miramichi,Prince Edward Is.Halifax,Boston ,New York City.Cape Cod,Niagara,Toronto. and all the bits inbetween.
I did a quick calculation of around 10,000kms. by the time we do all the little deviations.
Six whole weeks of adventure.
Mostly staying in B&Bs,and looking forward to meeting all the people and exploring this beautiful country again.
We did a trip in 2005 and covered the west side of Canada and just loved the place.
My wife is a real fan of Anne Of Green gables so we do spend some time on the Island around this area.Even stay at Kindred spirits B&B.