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Posted by darthdrk | Apr 24, 2008 @ 03:31 PM | 34,705 Views
I like to first say welcome to my RCGroups Blog. Ive been a member here for several years now and I think its the best place to hang out so far. First of all, Im a RC hobbyist first. I fly helis and planes Ive even done the boat thing too. Ive been getting requests from some of the RCGroupies to post more photos and details about the bodies I have been making over the years and continue to make. How I got started was an accident. I started with a LiteMachines 110 Gas helicopter about five years ago. I was wanting something more that what they were offering for the heli as far as for looks. I wanted a real looking heli. I waited and waited hearing promises of new things on the horizon but nothing ever came about. So I decided to branch out on my own. Not having any plastic of fiberglassing knowledge I begin to experiment. To make a long story short and about five years later (mabey six) I now make many different bodies for the 450 size helis and also the micro helicopters. I get alot of questions about if I have plans to make larger bodies......well, I havent decided yet but I might. This stuff is very time consuming and demanding of an individual. So, heres some pics of my stuff and I plan on updating as this blog grows. If you have any questions feel free to ask....Continue Reading
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Welcome to my photo gallery
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