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Posted by kalmon | Aug 25, 2013 @ 11:27 AM | 20,088 Views
I don't have a suitable landing area for my UMX edfs so I reinforce the bottoms to keep them from getting chewed up by the rough, weedy grass.

Before I got started I cut some foam from the battery tray to help move the CG back.

Now to the fiber-glassing:
First thing you need to do is prepare the bottom. There are tiny dots from the injection/stamping process. These little dots should be sanded down for a smooth surface. If you don't you'll get unsightly white circles where it lifts the fiberglass from the wing.

What I did was use some medium grit sandpaper and VERY LIGHTLY sand just the bumps. Don't press down or you'll scrape the paint around them. Here are the before and after images.
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