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Posted by doc993 | Mar 29, 2012 @ 10:23 PM | 4,361 Views
Finally The crimson broke the surly bond's .It flew very well .It is being refined as I write this. It needed a little nose weight,and a few small tweak's but I'm a happy camper .Thanks to all my friend's on RC Groups.There is a video on u tube @ oconnor993.I am going to try to link it to this page asap.This summer my Electra will be flown in ales .I'm looking forward to that .
Posted by doc993 | Dec 28, 2011 @ 12:44 AM | 4,989 Views
My 1st entry . My Crimson approaches completion. It's been a year long build in a year that just plane stunk.
Thanks to all my friend's from RC group's! I have learned an incredible amount in the last year, the contributor's are awesome.They are fellow A+P's ,engineer's ,aeronautical engineer's ,aerodynamics expert,s ,people who are just starting out ,people who have been in the hobby since the dawn of time.And even better I have communicated with people from all over the world ,and looked up there locations on Google earth.
I also have Two plane's that I restored that were built in the 80's.They were built by my brother;s Tim and Tom.Tom is now on RC group's.
The list of people to thank is long , chief among them is Captain Canardly.
Triplane,Don stack house, Mark miller, Richard Jarel ,Ray Hays,And on---. You Guy's are the Greatest,Thank you all.