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Posted by MalotiFlyer | Jul 24, 2010 @ 02:35 AM | 2,536 Views
This is a list of slope flying sites in Lesotho.

Parliament Hill: S E
Westerly wind. Light to medium lift. In the heart of Maseru, it is the closest and most accesable slope. Google Earth does not show the tar road that is located right next to the slope. Flying site is 20 meters from the road. Landing is dirt and gravel. Down slope retreval: Easy (thick brush/bushes, boulders)

BS Slope: (Named after Bryan Scott who first sloped here in 2009) S E
Northerly wind. Light to medium lift. Has 180 degrees of sloping (also facing East and South) but we have not sloped here with those winds. Also in the heart of Maseru, it is not as accesable due to the 15-20 minute hike to the top. Parking is at the bottom. Occasional herd boys on the slope face. Landing is grass and rocks. There is an emergency landing site at the bottom of the north facing slope at S E. Down slope retreval: Easy-moderate (steep slope, uneven terrain) ***DSing may be possible at this slope, but it is extremely rocky.

Lebamang Slope: S E
Westerly, Northerly, Northeasterly wind. Light to medium (although we have not experienced lift in high winds). Has nearly 180 degrees of sloping. 30 minute drive from Maseru. Road access all the way to the top but a high clearance vehicle is desireable. There is someone living on top, but we have not met them. Landing at westerly slope is mostly...Continue Reading