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Posted by turboparker | Jan 28, 2018 @ 02:59 PM | 44,393 Views
Here's a generic landing tutorial I put together a couple years ago, which will allow the pilot to put pretty much any plane down 'right on the numbers' nearly every time. It may be of help to some on here:

The key to consistently making great landings with any plane is setting up a proper approach. Any landing will only be as good as the approach that preceded it. Be sure to think ahead of the plane & command it to be where you want it to be when you want it to be there - rather than react to what it just did.

1) Set up for the approach. At this point, you should already know approximately where you want to land, and the plane should already be close to approach altitude. Begin the downwind leg.

2) Around halfway through the downwind leg, start to ease-back on the power (the exact point varies, depending upon what plane you're flying). Add up-elevator as necessary to bleed off airspeed. As you make the turn to base, be sure to keep the nose up. Now is the time to pick your exact landing spot.

3) As you make the turn to final, the plane should be at approach altitude & airspeed. Line-up on your chosen landing spot, and begin to reduce throttle. Remember that when you're on approach, throttle primarily controls descent-rate, while elevator primarily controls airspeed. If it looks like you'll land a bit short, add some power to decrease the descent-rate. If it looks like you'll land a bit long, reduce power to increase the descent-rate. If...Continue Reading