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Posted by turboparker | Aug 03, 2011 @ 11:54 PM | 11,558 Views
I just had to add one of these to the hangar.

The Sbach flies much differently than the Beast, as one would expect. Similar to a more aerodynamic Sukhoi XP on steroids - but much, much smoother in the air, and with razor-sharp tracking & more precise controls. It flies much 'bigger' than it is. Even bigger than the Beast. More like a 40-size plane than a UM. In stock trim, it has unlimited vertical. It is a very capable aerobatic machine, that can perform any pattern maneuver in the book. With the SFGs, it can also perform most 3D maneuvers - however hovering is not its strong suit. With the CG at the sweet spot, it has no bad habits. Bring her in hot, or raise the nose & bring her in slow. Without the SFGs, she lands a bit hotter than the XP or Beast. With the SFGs, she can slow to a crawl & remain fully controllable - with no wing-rock at all.

The airframe really comes alive with a Hyperion 180 or 240 mAh 2s pack & a GWS 5030 prop. In my opinion, the 5043 is a bit too much for this motor. At my elevation, it's just barely faster than the 5030, and vertical performance & flight-time are far poorer. Plus, the motor was too hot to touch after a 30-sec static RPM test. With the 5030, the motor was barely warm after a 30-sec static test. Others who have used the 5043 say that it doesn't run hot in flight, however. At higher altitudes, the 5043 may prove to be the best choice.

This is another UM that has a marginal CG. Some samples are a bit nose-heavy...Continue Reading