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Posted by turboparker | Mar 12, 2011 @ 04:33 PM | 10,813 Views
For those who are flying or plan to fly the mCP X with a Futaba module-based tx + Spektrum module, here are the settings I'm using on my 10CHP. I also attached a Word doc. Should be a good starting point, at least. As always - use at your own risk.

I encourage those who try them to post their results and any alternate settings in this thread.

EDIT 4/17/11: When I set up the curves, was not aware that hover-pitch & hover-throttle were activated in 'normal' mode. Now that I have corrected the problem, I have updated the attachment & info below to reflect my new settings. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


D/R (switch D):
Low: 70%
High: 100%
Expo: -30%
Note: D/R & Expo on Ch 1 & 2 only

End Point

1 Aile 90/90
2 Elev 90/90
3 Thro 100/100
4 Rudd 100/100
5 Gyro 100/100
6 Pitch 70/70

Reverse: 1 Aile, 2 Elev, 3 Thro, 4 Rudd, 6 Pitc

Type: Helicopter
Swash: H-1
Modul: PPM

Gyro Sense

Idle-up: Switch E
1) Center
2) Down
3) Inhibit

Throttle Hold: Switch G Down

Posted by turboparker | Mar 05, 2011 @ 02:39 PM | 10,646 Views

I just performed a static RPM test. The motors only have 8 minutes of time on them, so they are not fully broken-in. As usual, the RPM was measured with a calibrated tach under natural light 30 seconds into the run on a freshly-charged cell. I will retest after the motors have a few hours on them.

EW: 64.52g
AUW: 72.88g
Batt: 8.36g
Propshaft to fuselage clearance: 2.25"

Battery: stock
Motors: stock
Props: stock

Elev: 910' AMSL
Temp: 70 F

Port: 6810 RPM
Stbd: 6720 RPM

Edit 5/30/11:

After ~10 hours of flight-time, I repeated the static RPM test with the stock cell. I also tested with a Hyperion 240 mAh cell.

Elev: 910' AMSL
Temp: 70 F

Stock 250 mAh cell:

Port: 6720 RPM
Stbd: 6720 RPM

Hyperion 240 mAh cell:
Port: 6900
Stbd: 6900

Cell weights as tested:
Stock 250 mAh ----- 8.36g
Hyperion 240 mAh -- 6.78g

The motors seem to be better-balanced than they were during the first test, which was before they were broken-in. As expected, the Hyp 240 mAh cell provides a noticable increase in power over the stock 250 mAh cell, with a significant reduction in weight. In this case, thrust is up by 5%, while cell weight is down by 19%. The Hyp 320 should perform even better, as the Hyp 240 gets rather warm in this app. As we have seen in the past, the Hyperions are clearly superior in the higher-current apps - and the Mossie is most definitely a high-current app!

I will also be testing the new TP 65c 325 mAh cells.