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Posted by Captain Canardly | Apr 29, 2007 @ 03:40 AM | 12,731 Views
Sometimes a n item or person needs be properly shook!
1) first Turbo Cad import
2)Craig Lamasch, Hobby Lobby dealer, gettin HIS shakedown!
3)3 cell power need some adjusting- slight frequency vibes at 2 settings, will "fix" with a pair of 6-32 ny bolts
4) multi color- pilots' (hopeful view of color!
Posted by Captain Canardly | Apr 08, 2007 @ 05:20 AM | 12,426 Views
Well, getting settled in/ a covered wing, now to move to finishing;
I'll do this the Bill Kubiak way--
1) start with computed Center of Gravity location pic1

2) obtain total "empty" airframe C. G. pic2

3) using moment arm calculations, establish locations for components with moment arm residing @ Center of Gravity (Finished) X total weight for moment arm needed.
4) pay no attention tothe man behind the curtain! this is atrialrun to locate what parts of fuse tops can be permanent, and finding access locations!

5) First run at Spreadsheet- will edit for proper format/ info
6) these are my firstdigital photos with an eternalfilm can!