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Posted by Pappyjkns | Jun 17, 2017 @ 07:33 PM | 4,721 Views
June 17/17:

“Tempus Fugit!” or the English version….”Time Flies!” It’s been six months since I last posted a blog! Perhaps that gives you an idea that I’ve been busy! You would be right! With a wife, five children and eight grandchildren, life is never dull! Somehow, in the midst of all the chaos, I have to try and squeeze in some r/c time!

I had great plans to repair/build some of my existing stock over the winter…..didn’t happen! Two major deals happened; starting with a bathroom renovation, that led to a kitchen renovation, which grew into a whole main floor update! It’s a bloody virus I tell you! : ) Unless, you been down this road, you can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time and energy that goes into planning, shopping and executing a project of this magnitude, not to mention the chaos of trying to live a “normal” life! Then there was a 23 day visit to Vancouver, BC…the “wet” coast in May. It’s not all bad….while visiting out west, I had the opportunity to fly full aerobatics in a 60 year old Harvard (AT-6 )! 2 x 360 degree rolls & 2 full loops! Negative 3.5 G’s! I even got to take over the stick and put the big yellow beast into a series of “S” turns! Let me tell you now….that was an experience of a lifetime! : )

Back to the purpose of this blog….r/c sailplanes! Just before I headed out west, I saw a listing for two 2M sailplanes on Kijjijji and contacted the owner to see if he would hold them until I got back. To my delight he...Continue Reading