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Posted by Pappyjkns | Nov 22, 2016 @ 04:18 PM | 5,061 Views
Nov 18/16

I think today was Fall’s last hurray! Gorgeous sunny day with record breaking temperatures reaching 21C! Oh Yay! The downside? Very strong southwest winds reaching as high as 40 + kms. Too high for regular soaring but just perfect for our slope soaring site! Our club is blessed to have a drumlin or hill running roughly in a west/east direction so winds from the south….south west or conversely, north…north east can produce excellent ridge lift. This site about a half hours drive north west of Hamilton, Ontario, is called the Westover Hill is actually partly owned by the Hamilton Conservation Authority and we lease it on an annual basis.

For some reason it’s under utilized by the members, so with this thought in mind my r/c flying buddy Terry and I thought it was high time to check it out.

We arrived around 11 am, parked the car and proceeded to make the rather arduous ascent to the summit up a rather steep & narrow pathway. The climb was definitely worth it, as the viewer is rewarded with a 360 degree view of surrounding countryside! We could literally see for miles!

At the top we met the club secretary, Andy M who was already hard at it flying is modified 1.5 M Super Gee Dlg. He was putting on quite a show with loops and rolls back & forth across the face of the ridge. Andy flew continuously for just slightly over an hour before he brought it back in…..a new record for him!

Next up, Dick C showed up with his 1.5 oz mini-radian! I’m...Continue Reading
Posted by Pappyjkns | Nov 17, 2016 @ 04:19 PM | 4,980 Views
Nov. 17/16

In the Hamilton, Ontario area….43 N Latitude, It’s getting very late in the season for r/c sailplane flying especially for the hi-starts which apparently don’t respond well in near freezing temperatures. However, for whatever reason, the weather gods decided to bless us with a sunny, warm day with a high of 14C… mid November non-the-less! Winds were very light, coming in from the southwest, which explains the warm air temperatures.

In the early hours of the morning, I had taken my van in to the dealership to have the snow tires installed which seemed rather silly given the current weather! However, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years and one of them is the “Witch of November” can come early without warning! Better to be prepared I say…

I arrived home around 10 am and realized the potential for getting some airtime! I quickly checked the weather forecast and our SOGGI website. Sure enough, low speed southwest winds and at least one member posted he was heading for the field around 10 am.

I quickly packed up my gear, referring to my checklist so as not to miss something important. By 10:30 am I was heading out the door & to our flying field located about 20 kms to the south.

When I got to the field I was pleasantly surprised to see three members already set up in the pit area preparing their planes! I pulled up, unloaded my work table, chairs & r/c gear.

I hooked up the battery on the Spirit, installed the wings which...Continue Reading
Posted by Pappyjkns | Nov 10, 2016 @ 11:39 AM | 5,737 Views
Thursday, Nov. 10/16:

Our final contest of the flying year had been postponed twice already due to inclement weather. So last week we were excited to check the weather forecast to see some promising weather for Sunday. An email was quickly sent out on Friday to all members that we were going ahead with the Thanksgiving TD contest on Sunday morning!

I arrived at the field around 9:15 am, and President Bob H had already called the tower to activate NOTAM #160355 , set up the frequency board and pit area.

It was about 9C with a gusty wind coming in from the north east. I measured wind speeds 5-10 mph which was a little disappointing for me at least. I’m not all that confident a flyer especially in marginal conditions.

List of Participants & Sailplanes:
Bob H - Supra 3.5 M
Mike S - Kappa 3.5 M
Magellan 60”
Kadet Tow Plane
Adam M - Radian Pro 2M
Cirrus 100”
Terry D - Gentle Lady 2M
Ann T - Spectra 2M
Bob K - Aquila Grande 123”?
Dave K - Radian 2M
Andy M - 2M Home design
Dick C - Windfree 99”
Jack L. - Spirit 78”
Lyle J. - Spirit 100”

This was a pretty good turnout for this late in the season so the organizers were pleased. Eventually, the clouds disappeared and around 11 am, the winds dropped down to a more modest 4-5 mph! Time to get my Spirt airborne! I walked the plane over to the electric winch launching area and was able to get in five flights. Nothing exceptional with the last one lasting about 5...Continue Reading