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Posted by rhmoore0 | Apr 12, 2019 @ 01:02 PM | 965 Views
Hi everybody,

This is my first quadcopter build, and I have been watching tutorials/reading posts everywhere to try and figure out some problems and do some trouble shooting.

Before I start, here's all my gear:
Omnibus F4V5 Flight controller

BlHeli 20A ESC's x 4

Tachyon t2207 2450KV motors

FlySky X6B receiver

FlySky FS-i6 transmitter

So, my problems are that when I'm on betaflight, motor 4 does not spin up. I've troubleshooted by getting a new ESC, detaching the motor from the ESC and putting it on a different ESC (it worked), and getting a new motor. Betaflight is just not picking up this fourth motor.
Also, betaflight is not picking up that the transmitter and receiver are talking to each other. The receiver is bound, connected to UART 6 (SBUS port for the F4V5), and fully powered up. I'm seeing on my transmitter also that the receiver is hooked up (I see the battery life), but no response on betaflight. I have another transmitter coming in the mail soon, so that's my last step of troubleshooting.

Any suggestions? Much obliged!!