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Posted by innkeeper77 | Aug 03, 2018 @ 12:16 AM | 1,741 Views
I recently bought a cheap ebay special BNF Night Vapor, and while it had a couple of problems out of the gate, they were fixed primarily with hot glue. The motor mount certainly appears to be the weak point on this model, but I am hopeful my use of hot glue will protect it. In fact, if I bought a new vapor, the first thing I would do would be globbing on some hot glue! It doesn't seem to affect the flying ability at all, and I suppose it might help it slightly in the wind! See the photos for my two hot glue "mods", which I would highly reccomend.

Mod 1: Hot glue motor mount (reinforcement): The stock motor mount is only held on by a small piece of plastic at the very front. This I quickly broke in a light accident, though it was certainly weakened in the models first life. Instead of waiting on my new gearbox in the mail, I glued it back on to see what would happen when held on with noting but hot glue... and it worked great! My thrust angle was off, but it flew, and with some trim flew straight. The new gearbox I installed with hot glue again, but I made a "shock absorber" by globbing on hot glue between the frame and the motor as you can see in the photo. My hope is that this will reduce flexing in a crash, preventing the same break from being as likely. If it happens again, I will consider carbon rod pieces and CA reinforcement.

Mod 2: Hot glue mounted prop: When I first flew my used model, I broke the threaded propshaft within five minutes of...Continue Reading