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Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Feb 25, 2017 @ 05:39 AM | 6,324 Views
I purchased an Enya 46-4C on Ebay, my first 4-stroke (4c) RC engine.

I have been dreaming of going Nitro;
Single Cylinder 'Thumpers', V-Twin, Opposed Twin, & 3-Cylinder Radial 4c airplane engines are often on my mind; Thier lazy puttering bringing smiles as onlookers smile gayly sipping whatever world's best coffee

Ah, the smell of Nitro in the morning! Hehe...

My 'new' Enya was lightly used. Did not turn over well--felt gummy.
I am glad i took it apart, it was gummy & dirty inside.
Oil helped free it up. The crankshaft and piston rod were stuck together--i used oil, a rubber mallet, and wiggly-hands to eventually free the little Enya's front assembly.

I disassembled the rear valve case. There i found dried fuel and goo.
I ordered some front case gaskets on Ebay.
I plan to make the rear valve cover gasket by hand, thanks to ideas from fellow RC Pilots here.
I will use thin cardboard like in a AA battery blister package.

...so I soaked the parts in LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner that i had purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 a bottle. For a few hours. Below are 'before pics'
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Feb 15, 2017 @ 03:48 AM | 5,948 Views
I think i was visited by a Bald Eagle while flying the other day!
It flew down towards my plane & checked it out. It then flew off after 5 seconds. This was maybe 200ft above the ground

I cannot quite remember which plane it was--either my FT Sparrow, N480PZ Cub, or E-flite Viking 280.

I couldn't believe it happened. So calmly i brushed it off as some common bird.

Then a week later, while listening to the local radio, a Bald Eagle was sighted landing in a tree in a nearby yard. I remembered my flight and had an 'Aha!' moment

So I think i flew with a Bald Eagle!