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Posted by Oneblueyedog | Jan 16, 2017 @ 11:08 PM | 5,551 Views
Flights for last week were very challenging. Winds were in the teens gusting to 20. On Sunday the 15th we got gusts at the field at 35 mph. So what was I doing flying? I had to get some stick time.

The first day, was a slight crosswind and the Flash in windy conditions can practically fly backwards. I ballooned up trying to flare and it was almost hovering when it finally came down hard and chipped the 13x6. No spares and no more flying. Tracking in wind was ok. I was kind of fun to fly in, and I was the only one out at the runway.

I visited the field this Saturday, numerous pilots, crosswinds and no tables to set up. I split.

Sunday's weather said 6mph down the runway at home. In 20 minutes much can change. Got there and wrestled with assembly. Fueled it up and taxied out. Windy but there were other pilots, two others. I took off with the runway to myself. I had installed a 12x10. Unbelievable performance. It's the prop for the plane for windy conditions at least. The wind was blowing down the runway, so high that it was flapping my pants legs like flags. I aborted two approaches a couple of feet off the ground. The third time it greased in as the wind died down at that moment. No damage, so I left. I had a spare 13x6 that took 2 hours to balance the night before. I bought it thinking that the 12x10 was going to bog the .70 Magnum. Nope.

The front came down that eve and in the morning, there were tornado warnings for Fort Bend County.
Posted by Oneblueyedog | Jan 03, 2017 @ 10:04 AM | 5,041 Views
Just to sum up almost a year of flying the Flash 45Pro, it's been great. Since I had time during the Christmas Holidays, I was able to fly it more. It also got some maintenance. An aileron servo horn's hole got a bit sloppy, so it was replaced. I also changed the tailwheel mounting. It was the "Joker" type, but the silver soldering was not holding up to use. It's now a common plastic mount and uses the same rudder connection that the old one did. The tail weight fits nicely in the mount.

One crosswind landing resulted in a main landing gear failure. The spring loop of the gear leg must have been weak and the music wire broke. No damage of the plane at all. Both have been replaced with new pre bent wires with rectangular loops. These new wires are more rigid.

Trimming of the plane seems to be progressing well. For knife edge, it still may be tucking into the canopy each way. It seems to climb with rudder while in knife edge.

Cosmetically the plane is getting more wear. It still gets compliments at the field.