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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jun 09, 2015 @ 03:10 PM | 30,410 Views
Look what EMAX just announced on FB! Looks like a Naze32 clone to me but may be I am wrong, sure you guys know better!

Selling points:

Cleanflight & Baseflight supported. (SKYLINE32 is loaded with Baseflight-Configurator)
Unique wire-to-board connectors, wiring easier!
Thin and light design, reducing overall weight saving mounting space!
With compass sensor, no deviation!
Barometer included(Advanced Version)
Adapting high quality electronic components & high precision SMT.


32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V / 72MHZ.
With gyro, compass, extended reservation position for accelerometer, barometer.
Manual mode, Angle mode, Horizon mode, heading hold mode, head-free mode, Altitude hold mode (this mode is available in advanced version)
Support Quad-,Tri-,Hex- ,various multirotors.
Flexible RC input: standard, CPPM (PPM SUM)
Battery voltage monitoring and low alarm.
Micro-USB: Flashing firmware & adjusting parameter
Parameters adjustment interface: Baseflight-Configuration.
GPS position hold / “Go home” function.

Rumoured release date: 15.06.2015
Acro: $22.99
Full: $32.99
Mini: $19....Continue Reading
Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jun 03, 2015 @ 06:06 PM | 14,888 Views
I could not find a thread relating to this charger so I am starting this thread

As I needed a new charger "fast" after my Reaktor Charger suffered from some strange behaviour and I liked the idea of a Touch Screen (thou it only being 120W) I decided to get it from the EU store.

This is just a short overview, found a few pics on my iPhone and figured that they would be enough to give a few "realistic" impression on it.


First impression during unboxing: it is small! It is light! It may not be as tough as the Reaktor but the plastic does not feel fragile.

On first powering up the display will show you something like you are seeing installing software and you obviously have to agree with it to proceed

The display is impressively good, resolution and brightness is more than sufficient even outside, the only a bit less exiting thing is the touch part of the touch screen, despite our iPhones being more of a "bring your finger really close" screens this screen does need a touch with some force, that does need some getting used to, but it works with the "non active" stylus that is included and even with your fingers really well to be honest.

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