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Posted by Clickety | Aug 15, 2018 @ 02:42 PM | 10,549 Views
The Gloster Meteor was the first Jet allied production aircraft, powered by jet engines straight from the hand of the Jet turbine inventor -Sir Frank Whittle.

This model has been designed to take up to 2 x 64mm EDF, or twin pushers.
For the pusher version, I recommend racing quad motors and 5" props
For the EDF version, I recommend FMS 64" using either 3 or 4 cell.

I designed it for both the f4 and f8 version as they had the longer (wider) jet exhaust which makes it more suitable for EDF. It has a 90% thrust tube built in.

Many nations around the world used meteors and there are some fabulous colour schemes available.

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