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Posted by mike_kelly | Jan 04, 2018 @ 04:14 PM | 30,371 Views

I have been looking for a gimbal that will support and work well with a Sony Nex mirrorless camera and not too expensive. I am not in the market for $1000 gimbal. Plus I really want to make it myself. I have built a lot of gimbals and early-on I learned that the wires running sloppily all over the place will never allow for a really good gimbal. The prop wash and rubbing of the wires totally messes up the stabilization. So for me the wires must go through hollow shaft gimbal motors and be dressed cleanly and tightly. Two, the gimbal must be adjustable enough to properly balance a bigger Nex sized camera.

I played with the DYS that is popular but the way they attach the camera platform to the pitch gimbal motor blocks/precludes running wires through the hollow shaft pitch motor. Next promising was a gimbal from GoodLuckBuy similar to the MOY, but the movements are not adequate for me to balance my Sony Nex 5 even though it is supposed to be designed for the Nex.

I finally found a possibility and that is a gimbal sold by Hobbyking and others called the Stormeye 5N, made by FCModel. It is cheap and it has a two point support for the camera platform. It is light but some of the parts look weak. The gimbal motor attachment plates are flat pieces of carbon fiber so it would be relatively easy to get replacements made to fit the gimbal motors I want to use and to add a third axis plate since the stock gimbal is only two axis.

That is where Nick at CNCmadness came in. I...Continue Reading