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Posted by mike_kelly | May 20, 2015 @ 05:49 PM | 297,703 Views
************************ Notes or errors and omissions **************************
I started this thread a year ago. So be advised that although there is invaluable information in this thread the manufacturers can and have changed the product over time. Hence although I am not aware of it as of Jan 2016 they could someday fix the problems making the information here on page one obsolete. If you receive a board that does not seem to fit the data send me a PM and I'll update page one.

NOTE There was a version one of this board that had the power module pins backwards. You can not use a "normal"power module cable with that early version. The current verson GLB is calling V2. They fixed the power module connector. It now conforms to the Pixhawk standard. But all the other problems talked about below still exist.

Whomever created the pinout pictures on the GLB website got a number of things wrong, at least as of this date. Hopefully they will correct it.
The order of many of the pins are backwards from the same connectors on the 3DR Pixhawk. See the drawing labelled "corrected" for the actual pin-outs.

Since the I2C connector is backwards, but there is an expansion board for more than one I2C device, (I2C devices are compasses, LED external lights etc) jesmail suggests using a reverse cable from the Pixhawk LITE I2C port to the I2C expansion board. This has the effect of fixing the problem so all the devices you plug
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Posted by mike_kelly | May 19, 2015 @ 08:38 PM | 13,086 Views
Tarot T shaped landing legs are pretty common throughout their line, as well as many other brands. Tarot uses hollow carbon tube skids. If you land at an angle and touchdown on only one of those legs first, they tend to break off right at the T joint. It seems like a pretty common problem. Some people put wooden dowels inside the carbon tubes but I did not want anything rattling around in my skids.

I first tried some fiberglass skids but I was concerned that with something much stronger it would just transfer the implact further up the landing gear. Sure enough the next flight with the fiberglass skids I did not break the skid but instead broke the T Joint and the landing leg and the attachment at the top for the landing leg.

Not a good trade-off.

Then I found some nylon 10mm rod on Ebay. It comes in just about the right length. It bends, unlike the fiber glass and will absorb some shock. I dont know if it will be enough but time will tell. It flexes under stress but is not too soft.

If you have a better idea please post a comment, thanks.