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Posted by Jyester | May 30, 2012 @ 07:51 PM | 5,435 Views
this entery is about converting free flight gliders to rc. Recently i attempted a conversion on a hobby-lobby zoomer glider. auw was 50-52 grams, including balast ball. The ball on the scale weighted 7 grams. I used the rimfire 200 micro motor up front in the nose. I hollowed out the area under the canopy which by the way has a lot of room as you will see in pics. Next i opened up the area behind the cockpit and it extends well past TE of wing. This area will house 2 servos and the rec. as well as the battery connection. The battery is safe in the center of wing with hatch to remove it for charging. Two of the servos are electrifly 4grammers these will control elevator and rudder. The third servo is a 2.5grammer from hobby king. This servo sits atop of wing just behind canopy. I made full span ailerons added 21/4" rudder to fin. The elevators were cut from the horizontal stab and joint with micro wire and tube used as bearing glued in notch and join with glue to both halves of elevator. I use a .8 carbon rod for pushrods in a sleeve. The ails i used micro wire. All surfaces were beveled and move freely. The esc is a hobbyking 6a and has shortened motor wires but a longer battery connection with micro deans. Battery is the new 250 electrifly lipo for the micro f-86 anylink plane from hobby zone. for is size it has a 20c discharge rating which is perfect for my little glider converstion. auw will be 89grams. thats alot but look back 3 servos a esc,rec,and 12 gram motor, pushrods and sleeves glue weight! Its a tad bit over 3oz's motors rated for 3d preformance at that weigth for sport flying,trainer 114 grams "strong motor". hopefully i can get these pics to load up so you can see the work.