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Posted by solentlife | Jun 29, 2016 @ 10:49 AM | 73,636 Views
There seems to be some argument about setting up a model. My opinion is to have a well set-up model to reduce the possible errors and trim problems that can arise.
But it seems that some are happy with mediocre set-up and using trims / stabilisers to sort it out.

I was brought up on trimmed, balanced, well set-up free flight many years ago. It took a long time to understand why my models were not flying as long or as well as others. But listening to others, learning from them taught me to 'eye' the model, weigh it, balance it ... give it every chance to perform its best. I then started to get much better flights and results.

Today we have Flight Controllers, 6 axis gyros, radios that sing and do the Hokey Cokey for us ... and it seems that old values are being ignored more and more.

I will add one item for thought that may just get people thinking about my viewpoint.

You have that mediocre set-up model and you are flying along. Its trimmed to fly reasonably. An event or incident happens that calls on that model to perform and you to save it. But being mediocre it just fails ... sad.
Taking the little bit extra care on set-up .. balance in longitudinal and transverse, proper thrust lines, incidence, decollage etc. may just have saved that model.

Your choice guys and dolls ... I know what mine is.

Posted by solentlife | Jun 19, 2016 @ 01:27 AM | 73,039 Views
As I get older I find myself slowing a little in type of model but still wanting that adrenaline rush at times.
The club I fly with has developed quite a following and reputation. We are now flying at many Town festivals all over Latvia.
Even if site allocated is small - we try to display as many different models as possible - even static.

With my large hangar it is inevitable that I shall crash now and again. So these give opportunity to create threads illustrating repairs. Hopefully others who usually would bin a crashed model, might reconsider and look at repairing.

I'm happy that a number of new guys into our amazing hobby, I have been able to help and get flying. Not only first steps, but also launch techniques including bungee launching.

I get great satisfaction out of RC, flying and boats. But it appalls me some of the self-centered Neanderthals that pop up and then destroy so much.

I have a few new models to maiden - adding to my wide ranging hangar - so life has its rewards and I can keep smiling !