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Posted by Aeroplayin | May 18, 2019 @ 11:46 AM | 1,560 Views
In a few weeks, I will be looking to collaborate with more pilots who have intermediate to advanced 3D skills with 3D aircraft from 100" to 112" who are extreme electric power enthusiasts. The intent is to provide a newly developed and tested power system with a wide range of custom power options to a select few people with the airplanes I would like this system assessed with. Their only requirement will be to honestly assess the power in writing -- perhaps on this thread -- and provide at least one video that clearly illustrates the flight performance so that I can also assess the power.

Pilots do not have to be professional competitors, and don't have to be currently sponsored by 3D and XA airplane manufacturers, but all pilots with giant scale electric powered planes are welcome. Since I can't buy and fly eight to ten different planes in this size range and analyze performance based on my personal skills, it will be necessary for me to collaborate with others, so that additional feedback of the power unit's performance can be collected.

The planes I have in mind are:

AJ Aircraft 103" Slick 540
Extreme Flight RC 104" Laser EXP
Extreme Flight RC 105.5" Slick 580
3DHS 106" Edge 540 V2
Pilot RC 103" Laser

I am also open to other plane choice suggestions along the same lines of size and performance, like the new 103" planes from Skywing.

I may also be interested in 91 to 94 inch 3D planes for a smaller gear...Continue Reading