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Posted by arbilab | Jan 15, 2012 @ 08:54 PM | 7,791 Views
In order of acquisition:

Esky Lama V4 from Hobby Lobby. Wore out a set of motors. Fun indoor flyer stock. Brittle blades but replacements are cheap. Moddable to 7mph wind but I haven't done that. SOLD to a good home.

Esky Honeybee FP from Hobby Lobby. Wore out 3 tailmotors. Challenge to fly, relatively sturdy, can almost be reassembled in the dark. The go-to singlerotor trainer a couple years back. Sold.

Esky Honeybee CP2 from Balsa Products. Not the most articulate flyer (but then I'm not the most articulate pilot). Relatively sturdy, easy to repair for a CP. Mine is Spektrumized to fly with DX6i. It's for sale.

EXI 450 from an RCG user. Thought I'd grow into it but it's over my head if you'll pardon the pun. It's for sale.

Walcopter from Walgreens (formal name Winyea HeliForce). 3ch non gyro IR coax for $20. Good to hand to non-flying relatives.

Syma S107 from Asia (can't remember seller). 3ch gyro IR coax with a splendid reputation as an indoor flyer. I've even had it outdoors without incident. Sold.

Firebird from Helizone. Aesthetic variant on S107. Sold.

San Huan 6025-1 from Focalprice (Asia). 3ch gyro IR coax palmcopter. Spry fun indoors. Tailmotor wore out, replaced with below.

Team Hawk Talon from Xheli. Rebadge of above, only $4 more than fixing the 6025. Too cute to sell.

Syma S006G from Xheli. Lama-size 3.5ch RF coax. Handsome. Good flyer but the model quickly acquired a reputation for failing to lift...Continue Reading