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Posted by verticalspark | May 17, 2015 @ 10:47 PM | 6,565 Views
So I bought the Emax 250 quite some time ago. After a substantial time procrastinating I finally started working on it. The plan was to cut and solder the motor wires to the ESC with no connectors so lighten the load. After several attempts I failed and managed to fry 2 ESCs and a motor that is stuck in a jitter mode. Not a huge deal but now I was faced with either stick with the stock motors and ESCs or going big.

So I decided to go with some Cobra 2208/20 2000kv motors running some 6x4.5 props on a 2200 4s. Going to have to order them when I get some of the money back from some of the items I have invested in.

And I finished the plane for my wife. Its a great plane and I have it finished except for the fact I didnt read the entire page for the HK tx. Seems one of the channels is reversed and I cant do it without the correct cord that I ordered shortly ago. Hopefully everything I ordered will be here within the next 3 weeks.