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Posted by verticalspark | Dec 13, 2014 @ 11:46 PM | 6,393 Views
So today I went to the range with a good friend. We brought several handguns, shotguns and my AR pistol that I just finishing building. I took the iron sights off because another buddy gave me his EoTec 512 to put on it. Well I spent 6 months buying and building parts of this gun much like a RC(cant afford to buy all at once). I put care and craftsmanship into each part and the time had to come to let it fly.

I loaded a mag with 10 rounds and locked it in. Grabbed the charging handle and chambered a round. I raised the gun and looked down the sights. I flicked the selector switch from safe to fire. Then I realized my heart was beating and it was beating HARD. Its like the first time you take off with a brand new plane. You know you did everything right, you double checked all surfaces and you know everything it right but you are still nervous when you throttle up.

I squeeze off the first round and immediately pissed off the people next to me. This thing is LOUD! Two, three and four quickly follow as I now know that what I built works and works well. I know this and I want more. I'm addicted. Eight, nine and ten come and go as the bolt locks back. Then I realize that something is wrong with the sight. Seems the concussion has broken the EoTec my good buddy has let me use. Well I took it off so I could run another 10 rounds through it. I have been shooting the AR platform for a while so I can shoot fairly accurately without sights. So in the picture I look like a douche in a TV show that "knows how to shoot without sights" but its a rough guesstimate. Not too accurate but I can hit a 3" circle at 25 yards. Pretty sure I could throw the rifle and hit that target. If you look at the picture you can see the 512 on the table.

Well the first impression I get of this gun is...I LOVE IT! I bought all the parts and built it exactly how I wanted it and its all that I wanted. Now to find an optic that will handle the concussion of this little guy.

Posted by verticalspark | Dec 12, 2014 @ 08:37 PM | 5,333 Views
So I completed one of my other projects I have been working on for a while. I am now the proud owner of my first AR pistol. Should be a blast to play with at the range.

I just received the Nighthawk 250 but haven't put it together yet. I still need a lipo for it so ill wait till after the new year and order one. While I'm at it, I have been setting money aside for a pair of FatSharks from ReadyMadeRC. I should be ordering them in the next month or so that way I can finish building everything and get the quad in the air.

Posted by verticalspark | Dec 04, 2014 @ 08:30 PM | 4,533 Views
So I did a bad thing and just ordered a Nighthawk 250 Quad from Ready Made RC. I have gotten several things from Ready Made and if those are any indication of what this quad will be like it will be awesome!