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Posted by 1000MPH | Jan 10, 2019 @ 12:02 PM | 6,270 Views
I'm slowly working on a Scout Bee from WindRider. This was a previously started set of cores I got in trade.
The kit comes with pre-installed carbon tube spars approx 1.5" back along the leading edge.
The center joiner spar was also installed as well as an arched ribbon spar top and bottom.
There was a spruce Trailing Edge that I've cut off and will replace with .22x.092" flat carbon.
I didn't like the position of the stock servo bays so I'm moving the servos outboard from their stock position with the pushrods 12.5" from CL.
The full sized servos fit with at least 1/8" clearance on top and bottom.
This is built with DS in mind but not for all out speed.

Tower Hobbies TS-64 servos.
5 Cell Eneloop AA flat pack
Lemon Gyro Rec (LM005)
4-40 HD Gold-n-Rod and clevis
2-3 layers of strapping tape
Fiberglass bagged elevons.