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Posted by mintie | Apr 07, 2010 @ 04:05 AM | 5,099 Views
Some time back a good mate of mine tried to convince me to have a go with an electric model. He was into them and told me to give it a go..So I started to surf the rc groups e power sites and learn as much as I could...After IC for over 35 years this was something very strange to me.
Anyway started to get an interest in a foam CB float plane on this site.
This would work out fine as I could now head off to the lake 5 min from home.[where I use my RC boat]
I didnt like the undercamber wing so I hot wired a full foam wing.The rest of the plane is out of depron with carbon fiber push rods.
Finally had it all done so off for a test fly.Well I can tell you flying a 365 gm model was a heap different to a 9 ib IC model.
Started off 3 channel but hated that so in went a 4th servo and cut out ailerons.Now we have a neat little plane.
The set up I have in it is a 1700kv blue wonder motor, 7x5 e prop,18 amp plush ESC.Zippy 1300 3c and 3 HXt900 servos.
This is now over 12 months old and last had it out to night [7 April]]after work.
Posted by mintie | Apr 03, 2010 @ 11:27 PM | 4,916 Views
This model is now 41 years old... I built it when I was kid about 15 yrs old.No plans ,just out of the head and if it looked right then it was.A couple of years ago we bought it out of retirement as we now have a very nice lake 5 mins walk from our new home. This lake is so nice decided to take the boat down for a spin.would you believe it, the wild life down there dont even give a hoot that the boat is on the lake.
Boat is 25 in long ,wt 3.5 ib and now has an OS 25 FP mounted after replacing the OS 10 ,so you can see this thing is fun.

But this has me deep in thought as I was sitting out in the lake after getting the boat ,I could see my float plane here. Ah one problem, the noise of the ic engine on the big float plane. The boat is fine as it is down on the water and the noise you cant hear from the houses.

OH boy so what do we do. .... more to follow.
Posted by mintie | Apr 03, 2010 @ 10:59 PM | 4,968 Views
This has been a very long build.Getting to the end now and it is coming out good. Had a few problems early on and the project has been shelved several times because of these.
Painting and panel lines are what I am up to now.Had to send to the USA for the chartpak tape and was helped by a very kind lady who sells the tape for other hobbies.
Could not get a jap pilot in full body so I managed to get part body and I made the rest out of blue foam .In my views he looks cool
Building an enclosed exhaust and muffler system.Spring air retracts.robart oleos and scale wheels,fiberglass gear doors.
Will post up dates as they happen.
Posted by mintie | Apr 01, 2010 @ 11:36 PM | 7,056 Views
First test flown in May 2007. and built over a period of 3 years. Now has 25 flights in the log book.Modelled off one of our fleet of trainers that I rebuilt.It so happened that as I was finishing the full size ,the model was close behind so I did it the same paint scheme.
It is 1/6 scale 72 in w/s, 9 lb and powered by a OS 46 LA.
It started off as a kit that is manufactured here in NZ and I did the undate mods as I went along.
The kit was quite good as a whole but when working on the full size I could see lots of changes needed to make it good scale.
The model is covered in oracover and the panel lines are done with the covering.All the trim is cut by hand but the club sign on the cowl and tail are computor cut.
Nose leg has been modified with new mountings and fitted in the correct position as the kit had it 34mm to far rearward. This made ground handling a real pain.[and it just didnt look correct]
Barbie is the correct scale and she flys it very well. I made up a scale head set for her and she just loves that.
Later I fitted a landing light in the cowl and that runs off a 9v battery through two resistors and a micro switch and micro servo.
Flys quite fast at full throttle but slows down nicely for scale flying.
Take off run on half flap, just like the full size. Landing on full flap very stable and positive.
Over all a really nice plane to fly and I use it when ever I can,which is not as much as I would like.
Posted by mintie | Apr 01, 2010 @ 02:36 AM | 8,158 Views
Often looked at this plane in the catalogue and dreamed about it..after one of my other planes was written off I just had to have this kit.
Both my sons where in the USA at the time so I asked them to bring it home for me.Well here it is and it is a blast to fly.
38 in span OS40LA power.After having a good look at the plans there was quite a few mods I was going to do.First off didnt like the banded on wings so that was to be changed ..
On construction of the wings I changed the mounting areas and fitted in anchor nuts so all the wings could be bolted.
wing struts are also bolted together as the orginal was only in a slot in both wings.
Side mounted the engine and built a fiber cowl
oracover for covering ,built and tested in 2004 and flowen ever since.It now has several hundred flights to its credit.
At our last flyin of two days this plane did 3.1 hrs flyin.
I absolutely love this machine,it is a blast to fly.
If anything ever happened to this plane I would sure as build another.
Posted by mintie | Apr 01, 2010 @ 02:14 AM | 4,363 Views
Another model that has had a heap of flying...First built and flowen in 1995.modelled after a full size here in NZ....44in span and powered by a OS 25FP..It is still flyable but having a rest at present so I can fly others. Done over 120 flights and 13.94 hrs
A very nice wee plane to fly and convenient size to pack up and take away.
Balsa construction with a home made fiberglass cowl.covered is oracover. Graphics are done on the computor using sign writing vinyl.
Posted by mintie | Mar 31, 2010 @ 03:00 AM | 4,333 Views
Always been interested in helis so better give it a go..Been at it now for 2 years and having a bit of fun .Dont fly it as much now as I used to .
Posted by mintie | Mar 31, 2010 @ 02:44 AM | 4,298 Views
This is my Super Cub that I scratch built in 1990. Put floats on in 2008 and have had a ball on water.
It is 1/6th scale ,7lb without floats.Home built floats weighing in at 1.1 lb. Built up balsa and glass skinned.
Power, OS 40 in the begining now has a OS LA 46
Up to date has done over 650 flights and around 50 hrs flying.
Still comes out every year for the annual float fly.