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Posted by rcbobcat55 | Sep 29, 2012 @ 09:29 PM | 10,711 Views
Hello out there I am working on several of my slope designs including my new Sidewinder pitcheron ARF design ,a smaller version (40") of Daryl Perkins Whip Design, My Quark and Super Quark Pitcheron ARF's and the rest of my retro-slope designs including Bill Evans" Silent Squire in two sizes (60" Original and 40" ) and several new designs to come.All of my partial kits sell for $50.00 shipped and the ARF's vary from $125.00 to $175.00 shipped. PM me at [email protected] to place an order or to inquire about any of my kits.Thanks Much Bob M.. Hi again from Bob M. Just a quick update. I am currently working on a micro Sportavia RF5D design for micro gear (31" all sheet balsa)and micro brushless power system. I am also working on the plans for a Mini Sitar laser cut kit. I have a couple of my Sydewinder/Harp fuselages and wing core sets left over from a cancelled order I can let go cheap. Both fuselages are gloss black with the servos installed,the V tails are sealed and trimmed,and the cores are unsheeted. I also have a few SOS 42 wing core sets in stock and a Ridge Runt short kit and about 12 laser cut Quicksilver/Silhouette parts sets.I would like to clean out some of my overstock to get funds for future projects. I have been flying a playmate micro ARF I picked up on ebay and it is a terrific thermalling model. I fly it off my deck and pick up thermals over my yard. Average flight is over 20 minutes with a 27 minute OOS flight yesterday which ended about 1/2 mile away in my friend's yard-it missed the wooded section (about 5 acres ) of our property and landed dead center in his front yard without a scratch.